The Words of the Jenkins Family

The February Fourth Ambassadors For Peace - Crowns of Peace and Glory

Michael Jenkins
February 6, 2004

Dear Family,

We sincerely thank you for your prayers and sacrifices to make the February 4th event a very historic and central dispensational victory for God's providence.

Many internal and external challenges came to block this historic event. Our mission was to transfer the victory of the Coronation ceremony of December 22nd to the World through the same ceremony being conducted in Washington D.C.

In this ceremony the Jewish Leaders supported by Christians and Moslems gave Jesus a crown as the King of Peace and the King of Israel, reconciling the division of his family and setting the condition that would remove the enmity between Muslims/ Arabs and the Jews centering on Palestine and Israel. Then Muslims would give the Jews a Menorah for peace with love and respect and the Christians would give the Muslim leaders a robe of anointing and respect proclaiming repentance and honoring Muhammad (PBUH) as God's prophet. Upon that foundation True Parents were proclaimed as being anointed by Jesus as the Messiah and Savior.

Transferring this ceremony to America was most historic and serious. If the conditions were not right the way to expand this victory to the world would have been blocked. The event also had to receive the support and blessing of political leaders representing America, the Second Israel and the Elder Son Nation.

Also in the event the Ambassadors for Peace throughout America were honored for Leadership in Reconciliation and Peacemaking. They all received "Crowns of Peace" as peacemakers. Many of the Ambassadors for Peace had gone with us on one of the Pilgrimages to the Holy Land including the Gaza strip risking their lives for reconciliation. 40 Congressman and 2 U.S. Senators and representatives from the Bush Administration attended the event. It was certainly a great drama in history. Just 40 hours before the event an attack on the leadership of America occurred in the form of the Ricin poison. This closed the Senate Dirksen building that was to be the location of this historic event. Just 24 hours before the event AFC leader Mr. Jim Flynn and Rev. Jenkins finalized the plans with Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang to move the event to the Reagan building. Most would conclude that this made it almost impossible for the Coronation and Reconciliation to go forward.

But we live in the Peace Kingdom. Event Co-Chairman Congressman Danny Davis and Congressmen Chris Cannon refused to waiver. The event went forward and through the sacrifice and diligence of the great AFC / American Leadership Coalition network of leaders the Senators and Congressmen also did not waiver.

The Reagan building is the largest federal facility next to the Pentagon and actually houses representatives from all branches of Government truly symbolizing the event being held in the center of the Capitol of the Elder Son Nation.

Rev. Kwak reported to Father offered all to heaven. Rev. Kwak told us that Father thanked everyone for their hard work and sacrifice and said that Heaven accepted the offering. National honorees Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker who was in prison with Dr. King in Birmingham, Rabbi Ben Ami who led Civil rights work and Imam Haitham Bundakji who reconciled on December 22nd with a Jewish Rabbi and Christian leader at the historic ceremony at the holy place of Al Aqsa Mosque received the National recognition by Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang led by Congressman, Davis, Cannon, Conyers, Price and many many others. Dr. Walker's son Wyatt Tee Walker Jr. recipient on behalf of his Father gave a picture of his Dr. Walker with Dr. King in Jail. (They took a picture of each other one by one and this is the most famous picture of Dr. King from inside the jail looking out through the bars." The inscription read, "Sometimes this is the price of Peace !!" The Coronation of Jesus and the Reconciliation of the Children of Abraham was successfully transferred to the world and then on that foundation. Congressman Davis and Utah State Senator in a procession led by Pastor T. L. Barrett representing Christianity, supported by a Muslim Leader (Dr. Hassan Amer) and a Jewish Leader (Dr. M. Nahum) and then joined by Imam Bundakji, Imam Kiwan, Sheik Ali Birani, Father Hatum (of Nazareth) , Imam Jodeh, Rev. Jesse Edwards, Dr. Gloria Wright, Bishop G. Augustus Stallings presented the Crown of Peace and Glory to True Parents who were represented by Mr. Hyun Jin Nim Moon and Mrs. Jun Sook Nim Moon (Father Moon's son and daughter in law). Rev. Jenkins announced that the Jesus had anointed Father and Mother Moon and they now stand as the Messiah, Savior and True Parents of Humanity. On this day of February 4, 2004 the Glory of God was revealed on the earth. Each and every Ambassador For Peace was then commissioned to receive their anointing that they also must become Messiahs, Saviors and ultimately True Parents to their families, tribes, communities, nations and the whole world.

Glory to God on High. The day of the Kingdom of God has been revealed.

Thank you God and True Parents. Thanks America and the Middle East and thank you to the U.S. Leadership both religious and Political.


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