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Chung Pyung Testimony - Rev Mark Hernandez - Vice Regional Director - Texas

Michael Jenkins
February 1, 2004

Dear Family,

Rev. Mark Hernandez has been particularly sacrificial and dedicated before heaven. He mobilized for 40 days for the 840 Peace UN activity in New York, then 21 days in the Holy Land for the Peace Task Force and now 40 days in Chung Pyung. We are proud of such leadership and sacrifice on behalf of America.


Testimony of Rev. Mark Hernandez, Vice Regional Director, Texas Region

Having attended the 50-Day International Leaders' Workshop in Chung Pyung last winter (Dec. 21, 2002 - Feb. 8, 2003), I remember how Rev. Jenkins kept reminding us that God was preparing something big for us in 2003, both providentially and personally.

Wow, was he right! Full-scale mobilization of more than 2500 Americans to Korea in February, DP Convocations in March, crosses down in 123 churches on Good Friday. Then came the 1st historic ACLC Pilgrimage to Israel with the Jerusalem Declaration in May, ALI and MEPI in June and the signing of the Washington Declaration, Theological Conference on the Cross and Lasting Love Conference in August, where the Seoul Declaration was signed. Next was the 2nd Israel Pilgrimage and visit to Gaza in September, the World Peace Task Force in NYC from September - October and the inauguration of IIPC, the 3rd Israel Pilgrimage and in December, the Peace Task Force in Israel, culminating with the crowning of Jesus at the Rally in Jerusalem on December 22. These are just some of the highlights from 2003!

So when news came that True Father was calling a Special International Leaders' Workshop in Chung Pyung (Jan. 3 - Feb 11, 2004) and that American FFWP and CARP leaders, as well as national messiahs were requested to attend, I thought, "Lord, I want to be in that number!"

I truly believe that our True Parents have a specific purpose in calling together leaders from Korea, Japan, America and 6 continents to set an important indemnity condition for 40 days at Chung Pyung. And, as in all things that are public, our Heavenly Father has a very specific hope and desire for each of us to emerge as true filial sons and daughters.

When I entered the Jeongshimwon Prayer Hall on my first day, I was in tears within moments. I felt God's aching heart for me to trust Him and give Him all of myself. I wanted to discard everything that hindered me from surrendering all to Him, deny myself completely and be reborn into one whose sole purpose is to be the object partner to God and True Parents' heart.

Shortly thereafter, Rev. Kwak came to greet us on behalf of True Parents, and share his thoughts on why True Father had called us for 40 days at such a busy time for all leaders. He stressed that the Era of the Peace Kingdom and God's Fatherland were not imaginary, but had truly dawned. What we have to ask ourselves is, are we fit to enter and really be citizens of the Peace Kingdom? Are our minds and bodies one? Are we in a state of peace? He urged us to deny ourselves and be reborn, saying that True Father has so much planned for 2004, and that, especially as leaders, we need to set the condition to prepare for it.

He explained that True Father said that all of us must accomplish 3 revolutions: the revolution of indemnity, the revolution of conscience and the revolution of heart; also, we must achieve a 3-generational victory of purity, pure love and pure lineage (Chunji-in).

So personally I have been on this quest from day one. There is such a need for personal reflection, intimate reconnection to God and True Parents, and the challenge to liberate and separate the spirits that became captive to my lineage, especially through ancestral and collective sin against them. As one sister put it, it's like peeling an onion!

I have had several experiences in the Holy Song Sessions where I actually felt the spirits separating. Of course, there are days when I don't 'feel' or experience anything spiritual; but I say to myself, "I may not know the progress I'm making personally on this path to purification, but I do know, if I work hard, clapping and singing with total devotion and with a heart of repentance, and with joyful praise for this 'rapture' of long-anguished souls, then for certain, all my absolutely good ancestors are working just as enthusiastically to bring these spirits home to Heung Jin Nim."

True Father is likewise preparing every blessed family for this path of the 3 revolutions, Chunji-In and the qualification to be a citizen of the Peace Kingdom with the Blessed Wives 40-day workshops, which are being held in the order of the most senior to most junior Blessings. The 777 sisters just concluded their 40-day on January 28th.

It is also truly wonderful that up to 84 generations can be liberated now, and the Blessing of generations up to 77 can take place here at Chung Pyung. The liberation workshops are now held every weekend, and Blessings take place every month.

Chung Pyung is truly becoming more and more stunning. Where there used to be 3 halls up the hill, there now stands a new 5-story building with more space than those 3 halls combined. Cheongshim Hospital provides medical services to members, if necessary, not to mention a wonderful café on the lobby level featuring True Mother's Kona coffee. You can feel that the restored Garden of Eden is truly beginning to blossom.

I'm grateful to God and True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for their patience and unfathomable grace, for providing Chung Pyung for all of us, and specifically, for calling us here for this 40 days. Amen!

Rev. Mark Hernandez

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