The Words of the Jenkins Family

CPL Workshop For Wives

Michael Jenkins
January 31, 2004

Dear Family,

A new 40 Day workshop begins today for the women of the 1800, 74 and 118 Couple blessings. This is a central providence for all Blessed Central Families and is a key for the fulfillment of your family as a True Family. Not only for our own purification but also the liberation and blessing of our ancestors occurs through this process that allows them to fully support us. From Mar. 13 ~ April 21, 2004. The 6000, 2075 couple wives should attend. Here is a testimony from our sister who had a breakthrough toward becoming one culture with our sisters from Korea and Japan.


A Experience of Heart (excerpts)

Dear sisters,

I was in Chung Pyung, attending the 40 days workshop for blessed wives together with the 777 couples. As a matter of fact, I was the only non Asian in the workshop. I am French and became 777 through re-blessing. When I left, there were already three 1800 sisters who came in advance for their workshop, so I believe, when you come, you will not find yourself in my situation.

Father emphasized that there is no more Korean, Japanese or American Culture, etc. and that was my challenge during this particular workshop. As you know, we all speak different languages and Father told us for years that we should all learn Korean. Since I couldn't form a group with just myself, I had the choice between the Korean and the Japanese group and it became evident to me that I should choose the former. Luckily, a sister from a later Blessing was allowed to join us, so we were two, reading in English during their HDH in the same room as the Koreans.

As you know, not only because of language, it is not always easy to find harmony between us. Having already graduated from the "school of hard knocks" (according to Heung Jin Nim), this challenge was not going to discourage me. I used my (extremely limited) Korean as best as I could and managed the reading of one page of PowerPoint presentation of Divine Principle in Hangul for which I received warm applause. Also, for the 9th Anniversary of the Chung Pyung Providence, the group presented a Korean dance in which I was included. Someone even told me I was the best dancer! I think I probably was the most original. As a whole, I must say it was a deep experience of acceptance and love that I can never forget.

One (trying to be) second self of God and TP,

Brigitte Sillitoe-Galois

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