The Words of the Jenkins Family

Birthday Banquet

Michael Jenkins
January 28, 2004

Dear Family,

True Parents were honored by delegates from around the world at the Celebration banquet. Mr. Neil Salonen, President of the University of Bridgeport was the MC.

Father Abbou Hatum our Catholic hero from Nazareth who played such a key role in the Coronation and Reconciliation process. (He brought 1100 people to the rally and march on December 22nd.) H.E. Rev. Josef Hromadka former Vice Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and prominent Christian religious leader there honored True Parents, saying "without a doubt Rev. and Mrs. Moon you are leading the way to World Peace, Happy Birthday." Archbishop George A. Stallings, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the American Clergy Leadership Conference gave the tribute to True Parents saying "Why are they now being recognized as the Messiah or Anointed one of God? Because they have walked the path of restoration to fulfill the family that God wanted at the time of Adam and Eve. They have received the anointing of Jesus and the confirmation of Muhammad and the saints. They are worthy to be called the Messiah and True Parents because the Messiah is the one who pulls down the strongholds that divide races and religions, the Messiah is the one who heals lifts up and blesses the marriages and restores man's family back to God. The Messiah is the one who dares to challenge the Boundaries and the divisions of the world and usher in the Kingdom of Peace and love".(Paraphrased). It was deeply moving. It was from the heart and the Prime Ministers and Presidents and top religious leaders of the world could understand and appreciate this moment that heaven has opened. Father was then given gifts of recognition by Rev. Michael Lamson and representative of the President of Cameroon, and another gift from a Hispanic national representative.

Rev. Kwak, the Representative of all Blessed Central Families worldwide gave a profound presentation and introduction to True Parents. Father then gave his historic address. The Messiah and True Parents. It was very deep and serious. Father called upon all the leaders to go through the three revolutions of the providence. The revolution of Indemnity (severing all ties to the fallen world), the revolution of conscience (coming to the place and position of casting no shadow from the light of God at high noon - if we are perfectly vertical at with God and pure then there is no angle or deviation at high noon and there is no shadow), finally the revolution of heart (that we have the heart of the Father, the heart of God and take the responsibility to save our tribe, our nation and our world). Father said, I am the Messiah, what about you. You must become the Messiah and True Parents too. One with God. You have to accomplish this by putting your neck on the line to accomplish God's will.

This is the providence of Heaven!!!

Entertainment was very rich and beautiful, traditional Korean musical performances and a beautiful singing performance by the Little Angels.

Rev. Kwak led three cheers of Ok Mansei. The Confetti and Streamers were so massive on the third cheer that they completely covered Rev. Kwak. He was unfazed and cheered gloriously - it all made for a feeling of completion and great joy for the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.

Now we must sincerely dedicate our hearts to fulfill the three revolutions and substantially build of world of Goodness for all.

Happy Birthday True Parents,


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