The Words of the Jenkins Family

IIFWP Excellent Conference

Michael Jenkins
January 28, 2004

Dear Family,

The historic Interreligious and International Peace Council is substantially and rapidly growing strong and effective. The depth of the relationships that have developed between many current and former Prime Ministers and Presidents and heads of state together with their top religious leaders is getting very deep and solid centering on True Parents through Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak.

Dr. Tom Walsh the IIFWP team are making us all proud to be a part of this historic conference and the providence that is unfolding. Dr. Walsh has led the IIFWP centering on Rev. Kwak to become a global organization of peace that connects the hearts and minds of the worlds leaders centering on the fundamental Universal principles of Peace that Father proposed at the UN and through his ministry. These principles such as 1. God is the Parent of Humankind - there is one God. 2. Man is essential a Spiritual Being - a being of mind and heart. The heart must be healed and the mind must be responsible to bring peace on earth. 3. Living for the Sake of Others is the key to peace. 4. Marriage is a Sacred institution and the Family is the school of love. 5. That Interreligious and International Cooperation is essential for peace. The Interreligious council of cooperative religious and NGO leaders centering on commonly shared religious principles can set the stage to support the leadership of the political leaders. Reconciliation based on Loving one's enemy is a central principle to bring forward to the nations here. Also key action principles such as Peace begins with personal transformation through a relationship with God. Through seeing God's point of view we begin to see all as brothers and sisters. Interreligious Harmony and Cooperation is a prerequisite for Peace. Through the Practice of True Love divisions can be bridged and barriers overcome. The World is at a Critical turning point, bold and unselfish leadership is required.

This conference displayed a significant advancement on Father's teaching. When presented through our various sessions it provides a rich and comprehensive understanding of how we are to create a new world. Rev. Kwak's address is the cornerstone of the Conference and the central point of reference for Father's teaching. It is so well respected by the participants that it is often quoted and referred to. The depth of True Parents teaching is being conveyed by the most seasoned and experienced IIFWP leaders and the conference and roundtables.

The practical application through the Ambassadors for Peace in all continents and the application and presentation in each section gave the whole conference an understanding of how the IIPC is already "acting" on many fronts and bringing significant change. From the Dr. Kim and the Speaker of the House of the Philippines, to Africa (Vice President Mumba) to Russia, and Europe to North and South Korea and especially now with the breakthroughs in the Middle East from America to the UN- the IIPC is moving the people of conscience toward the Peace Kingdom. From the grassroots to the Parliaments of the world. IIPC is there and is growing and helping the world's leaders to understand the essential principles and processes of Good Governance. God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom are real. The world is moving.

Congratulations to Rev. Kwak, the Continental Directors, Dr. Walsh and all of the IIPC !!!! This is the Day of the Lord.

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