The Words of the Jenkins Family

Important Moment In Providence Of Elder Son

Michael Jenkins
January 24, 2004

Dear Family,

We are in Korea now for the IIPC conference and True Parent's birthday celebration. Father conveyed through Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang the extreme seriousness of the providence centering on America at this time. Father is very concerned that American members are not serious enough about the providence. Father emphasized that while organization and clear preparation is important, the most important condition to move the spirit world is to invest your whole heart. This is the most important aspect. This is why our Church leaders worldwide are now in Chung Pyung setting a very serious 40 day condition of prayer and sacrifice.

The condition of sincere heart comes when we sacrifice ourselves with a very deep yearning for the accomplishment of God's will. Father emphasized that Jesus' position has been lifted to an incredibly significant and powerful role. Most don't understand this. We must completely dedicate our hearts and minds at this time and make serious conditions to merit the full cooperation of the spirit world. We must consider the sacrifices that were made to bring the victory for December 22nd (The 80 Peace Task Force of Clergy and Blessed Families in Israel , 40 Japanese Volunteers came, 3000 from 7 former enemny nations mobilized, Service For Peace Youth served in Israel and Palestine incredible sacrifices of finances and family were made for all of this to happen - and most importantly the grave danger many faced to bring heaven's blessing to the Holy Land). We must match this seriousness with our urgent mind and heart focused on the providence at this time.

Please America, be very serious. The following three areas should be the focus of your heart and sacrifice.

1. Our 21 Day Prayer Condition is focused on transferring the victory of December 22nd to America and then to the world. Please pray and fast with tears and a sincere heart. (Kodan has initiated a fasting condition - each region should do the same if you haven't already)

2. The Middle East Peace Initiatives and Prayer Breakfasts (Now through February 1st in all regions.) to educate the Ambassadors for Peace, Clergy and other leaders about the Coronation of Jesus and the victory of December 22nd reconciliation of the Abrahamic faiths. 200 - 700 should attend each event. Father emphasized this as the key condition to create a "ground swell" of interest in our peace efforts leading to Washington. This is also a key condition to create a spiritual "wind" of providence connecting with the forefathers and mothers of your state and region in America. (Every state should bring guests to the Regional program - Father originally wanted programs in all 50 states). The New Jersey program on January 16th was a model.

3. Ambassadors for Peace Awards in Washington on February 4. We should give our full support for this historic event. Please fully cooperate centering on the AFC leaders. Vice Regional Directors and Committees leading your regions should fully involve ALL blessed families. Every family should work directly with them to help select the very best Ambassadors for Peace. Also, each family should ask the clergy and Ambassadors for Peace that they work with to write letters to their congressman and other key aides, encouraging them to participate in this educational event concerning peace. As a constituent you also have a right and duty to inform your congressman of educational events that are good for this nation. We are bringing understanding and cooperation between Christian, Moslem and Jews in America and the World and this is a key concern for all of our leaders - coordinate this with your AFC leaders.

This is the time for America to continue to shine like it did in cooperation with the 1st Israel and Palestine and 7 providential former enemy nations on December 22nd.

THE PRAYER CONDITION IS ATTACHED. Please do not miss this prayer with your sincere hearts.

Thanks America.


National 21 Day Prayer Condition
Tuesday, January 13 - Tuesday, February 3rd.

We suggest the following points for prayer: (The length of time is up to each family.)

1. The Blessing, Protection and Victory of True Parents and True Family.

2. The Unity of all leaders and blessed families including all Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace centering on the dispensation of the Peace U.N. and the Peace Kingdom.

3. The Expansion of the victory of December 22nd in the Holy Land to America and the Fatherland. (The basis of this victory was the Coronation of Jesus and the Proclamation of True Parents).

4. Upon the foundation of Jesus' Coronation that the reconciliation of Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths and all religions will be substantiated worldwide bringing peace to all humanity through the cooperation of this Interreligious foundation with the International (political) foundation through the Peace U.N. leading to the Peace Kingdom.

5. On this basis the True Parents of Humanity will be proclaimed and welcomed by all humanity.

6. Through the victory of the reconciliation in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel the Unification of the Fatherland will be achieved.

7. That 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel become one in heart as the fourth Israel to substantiate God's Kingdom of all faiths and all people worldwide.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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