The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Spirit Of Peace And Victory In New Jersey

Michael Jenkins
January 21, 2004

Dear Family,

Another step in the history of reconciliation and victory was achieved in New Jersey last Friday, January 16th. The Ambassador for Peace Annual Awards Banquet was set in motion by Rev. Dong Woo Kim and Rev. Barry Geller. The New Jersey community is a model of inter - organizational cooperation as the AFC, WFWP, ACLC, IIFWP, Service For Peace and the Ocean Educational Institute. Rev. Dairo Ferraboli is sparking a revolution of heart with his incredible love for all religious leaders and people. Also, Rev. Phillip Thomas, one of our key ACLC leaders of the heart have built a movement that is reaching the heart of New Jersey.

Rev. Martin Porter opened the banquet with a beautiful spirit. Dr. Alfred Steele, NJ State Representative and Christian Pastor gave the invocation. "Dear God, we sincerely thank you for this night and we thank you for the work of Father and Mother Moon. We pray that you will bless us on this occasion as we seek peace in this world."

David Eaton as Master of Ceremonies, having come directly from Israel began the spirit of the event with "Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam". U.S. Senator John Corzine and Congressman Pascarell supported the event with representatives and a variety of City Councilmen from Patterson and surrounding cities stayed for the whole event. During our dinner we were entertained with beautiful music from our young people - Masako Sato and Chris Derflinger. Also, a powerpoint montage of the trip to the Holy Land presented images of the Pilgrimage.

History is unfolding as the Holy Spirit is creating a "Family Movement" beyond the boundaries of race and religion. Muslims, Christians and Jews that not so long ago would have never imagined being associated together found themselves in the New Jersey feeling that we are one family. The founding of the Peace UN and the accomplishment of the reconciliation in Israel is creating a new identity for God's people - one that accepts that God is the Parent of All Humankind. This means that "Believers" are beginning to coalesce. The Islamic Center of Passaic led by the highly respected Imam Qatanani, dozens of ACLC Pastors and their key members and religious leaders from many backgrounds joined the annual awards banquet.

Imam Qatannani grew up in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and overcame all odds to receive his Ph.D. at the University of Jordan. As a scholar and Islamic leader he is breaking through the barriers. He was the recipient this evening of the IIFWP Appreciation Award. When Father Moon received the inspiration that the "Cross Reconsidered Conference" must also go to the Islamic family it was Claire Haider of the New Jersey FFWPU who had been working with the Imam for some time. When Father directed that the "Cross Reconsidered" conference be held in a Mosque, it was Imam Qatananni who opened the door. He also stood on the stage during the IIPC rally at the United Nations and extended his heart and hand and joined with Rev. Jesse Edwards and Rabbi David Ben Ami in a profound reconciliation. On that day he said to me, " I have never dreamed that this would happen in my lifetime." Many times we don't realize how significant the steps we take are. God is calling the people that he has prepared from all faiths to stand with True Parents and affirm the one living God is our Father and we are all brothers and sisters. If we really believe this we must reconcile our hearts with one another. Yet reconciliation is a process in which the truth must be given and love must bind us together. About 400 attended.

3 Muslim leaders that were there asked to join the ACLC. After Mother's speaking tour in September 2002, we read the Clouds of Witnesses. - These three leaders came back stage and were absolutely upset and angry. There was a misunderstanding. They were very angry, they were ready to fight. Fortunately Imam Salahuddin came and encouraged them saying, "my brothers, Father Moon believes in Muhammad, we have no better friends than these to make peace." They calmed down and eventually I could let one professor speak. He spoke respectfully. At the New Jersey banquet they were there, when they heard Dr. Yang's speech and my presentation on the work we are doing in the Middle East they completely changed. They begged Dairo Ferraboli to let them become Ambassadors for Peace and they joined the ACLC !!! The spirit of transformation was so strong in that event.

Imam Qatanani spoke saying, "We are deeply grateful to IIFWP and Father Moon, Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins and all the organizers here. We are all children of Abraham, and we must recognize that we are one family. We must solve the problems of the conflict in the Middle East through this kind of teaching."

One of his board members was shocked at the program. One of the critical problems with Christians and Muslim relations is that many Christians don't understand that Allah is God. They think that the Muslims are worshipping a false God. This leads to an automatic division. When I gave the presentation of Father's teaching that God is the Parent of all Mankind, I asked one very important Christian Minister, Rev. John Mc Reynolds (who is an ACLC pastor and member of the fishing club of Mr. Sato) in front of everybody - "Rev.McReynolds - do you believe that God is Allah?" He said, "Yes". "I said, does that mean that in Mt. Olive Baptist Church you love Allah?" He said, "Yes". One of Imam Qatannani's people was totally shocked. This is breaking the key barrier between Muslims and Jews. We are deeply grateful for the ACLC leaders who faithfully followed Father's commission to end the era of the cross. Walking the path of persecution and difficulty they followed this way realizing that the cross is not the power within the Christian faith but the love and forgiveness from the cross combined with the resurrection that allowed him to "live" on and return to heal and restore mankind in preparation for the second coming. These pastors opened the gate to the Jerusalem Declaration that led to the formation of the fourth Israel. Their sacrifice laid the foundation for this historic dispensation centering on the Fourth Israel. You could see the pride of Elder Paige and many pastors when we highlighted the fact that they traded their crosses in for the crown. Taking down the cross opened the hearts of the Jews in Israel and opened the door for the Muslims to join in the reconciliation of the children of Abraham.

We reported on the Coronation of Jesus - it was so powerful and was clearly the point of transformation for all. The Christian leaders are overwhelmed. One leader said, "Nobody loves Jesus more that Father Moon." The Muslims are overwhelmed because they know how difficult the feeling is from Jews to love Jesus. Then we turn around and Christians then uplift Muhammad and Allah the way Rev. McReynolds did. When they saw that on the stage they were overwhelmed.

In honor of one of our finest Ambassadors for Peace, Imam Salahuddin led a silent Memorial to Imam Omar Aziz. Imam Aziz was a key figure in our work for the last 10 years. He went on three pilgrimages to Israel and always was a great bridgebuilder between Muslims and Christians. He played a key role on the Peace Task Force with 20 other religious leaders and our 80 Peace Task force members. He sacrificed much and moved the hearts of the leaders in the Holy Land. Less than a week after his return he was in a tragic accident which took his life. We prayed for his family and lifted up his life as an example of faith and love for humanity. Imam Salahuddin went on to strongly testify to Father and Mother as the anointed and chosen leaders of our time. He testified strongly to the leaders of the Pilgrimage and gave Dr. Yang and I both a great deal of support. He said, "I want you to know that these leaders are really making a change in the Holy Land. They are going into very dangerous and difficult areas and I am proud to tell you that I will always go with them, because God is with them and they are walking the road that is sure to bring peace in the Middle East."

Christine Libon lifted our hearts with "From a Distance" and the atmosphere began to move in a way that transforms the hearts of the people of God. Also, our sister Laleh ( a Muslim Persian American) brought the beautiful spirit of song like she did at the United Nations.

U.S. Senator John Corzine and Congressman Pascarell who have been working with us. They supported the event.

We concluded with the Blessing. Rev. Alfred Steele who is a state Representative and powerful clergy person came forward with his wife to help lead the couples in the Blessing. . Mrs. Kim (wife of Regional Leader Rev. Dong Woo Kim), Dr. Yang and myself conducted the blessing and gave awards. Rev. Jenkins led them in the Holy Wine Ceremony. Rev. James Paige our ACLC pastor who was the first in New Jersey to take down the cross led the prayer for the couples. Before the September 14th Blessing Dr. Paige was new and was very slow to acknowledge True Parents as the Messiah. After the September 14th Blessing he quickly came to understand how Jesus anointed Father Moon. It was so beautiful to see Dr. Paige and his wife standing on the stage saying "In the Name of True Parents, we sincerely pray that God will bless these marriages. We pray that Jesus will be with them. We pray for all religions to unite. We pray for Father and Mother Moon's Blessing to protect and save these marriages." Rev. Jenkins then said you are now blessed in Marriage, you blood lineage is now of the blood lineage of God. You must now maintain this covenant with God that you will never divorce and never commit adultery. The impact is enormous - The following is an email I received from Mr. Dalwud Assad, a Palestinian leader -

Dear Rev. Michael Jenkins,

It was great pleasure seeing you again in the Hilton Hotel, Fort Lee, N.J. last Friday at the Ambassador of Peace Award Banquet. As always I enjoyed your commitment to the Middle East conflict and you lovely voice when you start to sing Peace, Shaloom and Salamu Alikum. My wife liked your singing and now do not stop singing it. May be I should not have brought her with me to the Banquet. She liked the way you told the married couples there that they should not divorce, not to fool around or commit adultery.

When is the next trip to the Middle East? .

Today I was invited to the Ambassadors Briefing Luncheon at the United Nations Delegates Dining room by Dr. Walsh and Ms. Karen Smith and delivered a 7 Minute speech about my observation on the Middle East Peace Initiative. Dr. Walsh and Karen liked my lecture and asked me to send them a copy of it.

I am writing you to keep in touch with you as you requested me to do at the Ambassadors of Peace Banquet.

Hope every thing is going fine with you and wish you the best always.

Dawud Assad

Among the honorees to receive the appointment as Ambassadors for Peace were a number of Christian leaders, Bishop Harold Foy, Rev. Cornell Pridgen, Bishop Apollos Sweatte, Rev. Willie Hall, Councilwoman Maria Vand Dermeer, Councilman Coram Rimes as well as Dr. Dawud Assad and from the Permanent Mission of Egypt to the United Nations His Excellency Mahmoud Allam. Mrs. Kim (wife of Regional Leader Rev. Dong Woo Kim), Dr. Yang and myself conducted the blessing and gave awards.

Women's Federation (Mrs. Deneeze Nelson), Service For Peace (Mr. George Kazakos), AFC (Mr. Richard Panzer), Ocean Education Institute (Mr. Sato) and ACLC (Rev. Thomas, Bishop Sorianno and Rev. Ferraboli) presented awards to outstanding citizens for one of the categories of Rebuilding the Family, Restoring the Community and Renewing the Nation and the World. The awards presentation was led by Mrs. Kathy Sato. Hope Igarashi and Mrs. Kumagai played key roles in the development of this movement and the spirit of the evening.

Deputy Mayor Zal Velez who is an outstanding leader and Ambassador For Peace was also a host at the event. He and his wife Josie are great Americans and have done much to bring the Governor, Mayor and U.S. Senator into strong relationship with us. It is very exciting to see how God has prepared the great people.

The spirit was so profound and the power of what we are doing in Israel is so real and amazing that many begin to feel that we will not only bring peace in the Middle East but that we will bring peace to North and South Korea. Mr. Alex DeVenecia (nephew of the famed Speaker of the Philippine Parliament) and Bishop Sorriano joined in the inspiration of Josie Velez who felt that the spirit of IIPC could transform the conflict between Muslims and Christians. With Dr. Zal Velez we pledged that we as Ambassadors for Peace will "March to Mindanao" to bring peace. The excitement was so great because all of heaven and earth are coming together in the "Spirit of the Lord".

We ended with Rev. Phillip Thomas, Laleh and our key Imams and Pastors singing like we did on the stage of history in Jerusalem - "Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam - PRAY FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST."

As people were leaving we felt elated with the spirit of God's love. We sang "Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam - PRAY FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST." over and over with the Filipino leaders and replaced PRAY FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WITH "WERE GOING TO MARCH TO MINDANAO".

The spirit of peace is contagious - that spirit coming from the Holy Land is now sweeping America and will soon sweep the whole world !!!

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