The Words of the Jenkins Family

The American Providence

Michael Jenkins
January 21, 2004

Dear Family,

Now is the time to be strong and clear in your commitment to fulfill America's responsibility for heaven. Please pray in earnest for the special event on February 4th on Capitol Hill. We will bring the victory of the December 22nd reconciliation of the Abrahamic Faiths and the Coronation of Jesus as the King of Peace. Please be serious about this time.

We will fulfill but we must have one heart. We are the fourth Israel. America's in the key role and must fulfill the step which now must come after the restoration of Jesus course that was not completed 2000 years ago. The restoration on December 22nd and the embrace of Jesus by the Jews completely set the condition to remove the curse that caused Judaism to have to divide into Christianity and Islam. If Jesus had been received he would then have gone victoriously to Rome.

Now Jesus has been received and we on now on the way to the establish and fulfill the history left undone 2000 years ago. Please be vigilant and serious.

Thanks for your prayers.



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