The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thank You To Our Team In The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
January 6, 2004

Dear Family,

Leaders who attended the webcast with True Parents in Korea on December 22nd expressed how deeply serious Father was until the Coronation ceremony for Jesus and the reconciliation with Christians, Muslims and Jews. Afterwards Father was so deeply relieved and happy.

One leader told me that each and every day for two weeks before the rally, Father was very serious and tense. He held Hoon Dok Hae strictly and didn't speak often but only had the Hoon Dok reading of God's words.

This was a most important crossroad in Human History. The condition has now been sealed that the chosen people of Israel embraced and welcomed Jesus and crowned him as the King of Peace. This reversed all that occurred 2000 years ago. On that basis Muslims, Christians and Jews will unite as "Gods" chosen people to form a new covenant - that of the Fourth Israel.

The joy at the God's Day celebration was immense. Rev. Kwak's, Rev. Hwang's and Dr. Yang's reports on the Holy Land were each unique and overwhelming with power and confirmation that the fulfillment of all scriptures has now occurred. Once the root cause of enmity is solved we must walk ahead with faith and we will see the transformation occur. We are overwhelmed by the transformation we see in Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem in Jews, Muslims and Christians on all sides. It is very real.

We know that behind this victory was God's 6000 years of unchanging heart to save humanity and True Parents indemnity and conditions to restore the True Family.

Also the work of IIFWP laid the foundation for excellent Ambassadors for Peace who would be ready when God called them.

Most importantly the unity of Rev. Ji (Mideast Continental Director), Dr. and Mrs. Abe, Hod, Miri, Mr. and Mrs. Nonaka, Tal, Addi and all IIFWP members there and especially the sacrifice of the Japanese volunteers. They bring the Holy Spirit through tears and prayer. Hod is a magnificent God sent leader so much so that I would like to encourage you when you go to Israel to not only say "Let Go Let God" but now to also include "Let Go Let Hod". God is working through our team there. They laid the foundation for the eternal historical coronation that reversed and forgave all the conditions that occurred 2000 years ago.

Our Ambassadors for Peace in the Holy Land are without question the best in the world. Why? Because they put it all on the line, their reputations, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. If we failed in this bold venture they would be the ones most humiliated. They were criticized and scorned and many were mocked. The skepticism is great because so many Peace movements have come done a show and never come back. (We will never stop this work until the Kingdom comes first in the Holy Land and then to the Fatherland. ) Through the consistency we have established and the amazing movement of hearts and the work beyond all boundaries gained respect for heart to heart throughout Israel and especially in the Israeli and Arab press. The Israeli press is among the toughest in the world. They were moved and we appreciated their honest coverage.

There are two many to mention to cover all the key people but our core committee was outstanding. Dr. Shuki and Shosh Ben Ami (who brought unbelievable insight and sensitivity to our efforts - Shuki - who is deeply connected to the American Indians, is the heart of our Ambassadors for Peace and Shosh did incredible work), Dr. Walid Sadiq (former Knesset member and Muslim leader - did much to develop our work on the highest levels both in the conference in Gaza and Ramallah as well as Palestinian and Israeli Muslim communities), Dr. Hassan Amer and his wife Lubna (Muslim scholar and leader who brought over 500 and another 200 to Kafer Qasem - he also brought 20 mayors together), Dr. Eliezar and Rachel Glaubach (who was instrumental in strategy and conveying a most powerful endorsement and leadership as a Jewish Professor and former Jerusalem City Council Member - Mrs. Glaubach opened the floodgates to touch the heart of the Jewish people - she ran the phonebank night and day relentlessly calling all Jewish Community centers), Mr. Baruch and Shelagh Shelev (ah Baruch - fearless and wise - Baruch and Shelagh led us into the camps of the right, center right, center and the left) , Father and Mrs. Abouna Hatum of Nazareth (Catholic leader who brought over 1000), Sheikh Kiwan - whose beautiful heart and family moved the heart of Allah. He is the ideal leader of Islam. He brought 700 to the rally), Sheikh Ali Birani (Druze leader) who, through the leaders he organized, brought 141 buses of Muslims, Christians, Jews and Druze), Dr. Daniel Dana ( a Persia leader who brought 288 Jewish VIP's to the rally and another 200 to the follow up banquet) - his wife Marina also aided with the Russian community, Rabbi BD and his wife (their unchanging heart was magnificent), Shelley Elkyam our beloved powerful Poetess and Jewish Woman leader. Ms. Delia Steiner Producer at Channel One deeply connected with our Peace Task Force Pastor Rev. Marilyn Kotulek and reconciliation between Jewish and Christian women was established through their example and friendship, Sheikh Bukari whose 2000 year old historic home on the Via Dolorosa became the headquarters for our East Jerusalem Outreach. Our Service For Peace movement led by Akiko caught the imagination of young people in Bethlehem and Tel Aviv. Students are now on fire for the Heart to Heart Campaign. Father Emil Rohanas was unchanging in his efforts. Samer of Ramallah opened many doors. Amir our Jewish Brother moved our hearts and took care of our Peace Task Force, translating for them and going to appointments. Our Palestinian support team of Hatam and Isam and Ibrahim were key to many victories.

In addition there needs to be recognition of the key people from the IIFWP MEPI efforts. (This will be done at another time.)

We simply want to say thank you to our Holy Land Team. You are the heart of True Parents. Let us heal all hearts in the Holy Land.

The Holy Land is a Holy Land. Let us march forward quickly from Gaza to Gethsemane to the Rolling hills of Ramallah to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Heart to Heart - Has Just Begun !!! Father has asked us to do three more Pilgrimages right away !!!

Thanks to True Parents and the Holy Land.

God is there in Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Love, See you soon.


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