The Words of the Jenkins Family

A General Overview Of True Parentís Victorious Course Of 2003

Michael Jenkins
January 1, 2004

Dear Family,

Happy True Godís Day - The Motto (still to be finalized) for 2004 is The Proclamation of Godís Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom.

What follows is a general overview of True Parentís victorious course of 2003:

As we now enter the 37th True Godís Day and the 4th Year of Cheon Il Guk on behalf of Dr. Yang and the whole American movement we wish to express our total gratitude to God and our True Parents. We also wish to thank Rev. Kwak our international Chairman, Rev. Hwang the FFWPUI International President and Dr. Walsh of IIFWP for the work that led to True Parentís victorious conclusion of this year. Dr. Yang and I also wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our America Family and our Regional Directors, our Vice Presidents Vice Regional Directors and leaders of all major organizations. Most of all we wish to sincerely thank all Blessed Central Families for repeatedly rising to the challenge to unite with Godís providence which has now created the realm of the Fourth Israel and the Era of the Peace Kingdom.

We began this year with True Parents having successfully completed the 33 year course of Jesus Ministry in the United States and on that basis they bequeathed all that they possessed to humanity. Based on the foundation of the 144,000 blessing and subsequent Interreligious and international blessings, as well as the Cloud of Witnesses, True Father asked that the Cross be taken down to end the old era and begin a new. In support of this direction on December 31st one Christian Church formally led the way.

To prepare for this year the leaders of our movement engaged in a 50 day workshop at Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center to prepare for the year of 2003. This led to the Choen Il Guk Activity in which 2400 representatives from Korea, Japan and America came to unite with True Parents and set the condition to protect and secure the Fatherland which at that time was under historic tension between the North and South. Then Father called upon the families to become owners of Cheon Il Guk and representatives of that body were assembled with the 7200 from the three primary nations.

On February 6th True Parents held the "Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Coronation of the King [and Queen] of the Blessed Families"

This was the third stage of the Blessing and represented the cosmic level or completion of the Blessed Family. This was the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. With this blessing True Parents could be crowned King and Queen of all Blessed Families and with this victory, heaven and earth could ring with resounding joy. The first stage blessing was our first and family level blessing, then the second stage national level blessing was held in October of 2000 based upon all blessed families drinking the holy wine for a second time. (This was not the original plan of God but was based on the grace of our True Parents and was needed due to our that the Blessed Families did not fulfill their responsibility for absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience..) Through the second stage National level blessing all blessed families were forgiven and became conditionally pure subjects of Heavenly Father. This allowed them to register into Godís Kingdom as Blessed Central Families. This opened the way for True Father to offer the Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship on January 13, 2001. This was a central turning point in Godís providence and gave Heavenly Father full authority as substantial king over all humanity. This means that from the point of the Coronation ceremony the authority and power of goodness will continue to rise while the authority and power of evil will absolutely decline. This rise of goodness is now irreversible however the speed with which goodness is manifested in all people is dependent upon how rapidly we fulfill our portion of responsibility.

The third blessing (Cheon Il Guk Blessing) is a world level blessing. The third Cheon Il Guk blessing of February 6th on True Motherís birthday, came upon the grace given by the burning ceremony of October of 2002 on True Childrenís Day at which time Father changed the Family Pledge to begin with "As Owners of Cheon Il Guk...". This also allowed True Parents to select a conditional number of families to be representative "Owners of Cheon Il Guk to receive True Parents direct inheritance." This allowed us to be "reborn" as a new Adam and Eve couple and we could register in a way that signified our receiving our "birth certificate".

Then Father called upon the families to become owners of Cheon Il Guk and representatives of that body were assembled with the 7200 from the three primary nations. To prepare for this year the leaders of our movement engaged in a 50 day workshop at Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center to prepare for the year of 2003. This led to the Choen Il Guk Activity in which 2400 representatives from Korea, Japan and America came to unite with True Parents and set the condition to protect and secure the Fatherland which at that time was under historic tension between the North and South. This Cheon Il Guk activity allowed the "Owners of Cheon Il Guk to return to their hometowns in Korea as Father was returning to his hometown." Externally this protected the Fatherland and secured the course toward the establishment of the sovereign nation of God. Internally the proclamation that True Parents are the King of all Blessed was proclaimed in every village of the Fatherland. All Blessed Families could be secured. On this basis the Family Party was established in Korea as the foundation for the education of the leaders of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Unfortunately, we as Blessed Central Families, did not fulfill our responsibility to bring forth the substantial Kingdom that should have welcomed the King of all Blessed Families. Therefore indemnity was needed to advance the Cheon Il Guk. Then upon Fatherís return to America the world wide tensions that should have been resolved through the cooperation of the Interreligious and the International leaders led to the outbreak of war which was not the desire of heaven. Father himself paid maximum indemnity on our behalf. We must really repent at this time when we think that Fatherís sickness was a desperate battle that was fought both on a life risking physical level and in an internal life or death spiritual struggle. While Father was battling against all odds to reverse the course toward a global war which could spill over into a world wide religious war, Father kept the 5 am schedule without fail and slowly and painstakingly over an 80 day period Father overcame and became renewed. This set the condition to forgive all for our shortcomings and reverse the path toward global religious war. We must really thank True Mother for this period because she spent every possible moment supporting Father in his recovery and maintaining the secure and stable foundation for our movement and the direction of heaven.

During this time of immense suffering, Father called upon the Christians to remove their crosses ending the era of blood shed and proclaiming the era of life centering on the resurrection of Jesus. This was done on Good Friday April, 2003. 123 Churches took down their crosses. Father then directed them to take this condition to the Holy Land and to bury the cross there. At the same time he directed that theological conferences be held with black theologians to lay the theological and intellectual sound and solid ground for the end of the era of the cross. Major Black theologians to our great surprise and joy stepped forward affirming the end of the era of the cross. This protected the movement to end the cross.

On May 1st True Parents ended the indemnity course and began a new public ministry. During May Father accomplished amazing historical victories on the foundation of the indemnity that he paid. He gave a series of landmark messages at the morning Hoon Dok Hae. He said that the ACLC Christians should go to Jerusalem and help their elder brother the first Israel to overcome the condition of having rejected Jesus and reverse that by embracing Jesus. This was accomplished through the Jerusalem declaration. Not only did Christians and Jews reconcile at this time but also the Muslim leaders came forth. When the Rabbi was asked if he could sign the Jerusalem Declaration he said "If my brother from the Islamic faith will sign". When the Imam came forward all of history began a new course and the three Abrahamic faiths began a course of reconciliation and unity. In the May course Father began a new public ministry. One of the first things that Father did was to go to UTS and reestablish the seminary.

On the Day of all True Things on May 31st and in Fatherís June 1st address a new era dawned in which True Parents are one before heaven. At pledge Mother and Father bowed to God together and Mother no longer would bow to Father but would take her place behind the altar after Father and Mother bowed to God. Then also Dae Mo Nim was included in the True Families bow before heaven.

Father gave a 7 hour address on June 1st signifying the 7 days of creation and all things were renewed. Starting with the forgiveness of the 36 blessed couples, Father forgave all blessed central families and a new course of history began. To set the condition to internalize this grace all were asked to do a 21 day condition of reading Fatherís words from his May speeches. We were all asked to register our families as new families of Godís kingdom and place our fingerprints on our birth certificates.

In June the AFC movement led by Mr. Jim Flynn launched together with Rev. Jenkins and Dr. Walsh, Secretary General of IIFWP the American Leadership Initiative in which over 79 Congressmen and 3 U.S. Senators came and could receive the message from our Chairman Rev. Kwak concerning the need for the Interreligious Council for Good Governance, peace and stability in the world.

Also in June Father launched a special Media training for all leaders with the Washington Times and then expanded the Jerusalem Declaration to the Washington Declaration. He also launched effort to renew the United Nations seeking the acceptance of an Interreligious Council. The Interreligious and International Peace Sports Festival was held in July and Americaís basketball team led by Rev. Greg Thomas of Washington D.C. took the silver medal.

In August the Lasting Love Conference led by FFWPU and World CARP with 120 representatives from each country representing Korea, Japan, China, Russia and America was held educating Students on the value of purity, blessed marriage and the Interreligious principle leading the way to Peace. Rev. Joshua Cotter did a tremendous work in this dispensation. From this base a new witnessing movement was born through CARP in America. Together with the IIFWP and before these leaders Father gave the first of three central historic addresses. " The Owners of Recreation" on August 15th. The IIFWP in August completed the three stages of the reconciliation and forgiveness of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel through the Seoul Declaration in which Moslems, Christians and Jews affirmed the repentance for past history and the embrace of Jesus to reverse the condition that divided the chosen people 2000 years ago into Judaism, Christianity and Islam. On this basis on August 20, 2003 Father proclaimed the establishment of the "Fourth Israel" as a substantial sovereign entity as the horizontal manifestation of the vertical "Cheon Il Guk" (Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity Ė the Kingdom of God on Earth). This fourth Israel was now composed of all people, religions and nations who had received the blessing.

To seal the covenant between the new "chosen people of all races, religions and nationalities" the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine was given. all Blessed Central families including all generations had to take the Holy wine again. This purified the new chosen people and set us on the new course of history.

One final push was given to give the UN a chance to accept the Interreligious Council. Representatives of 7 enemy nations were selected (120 from each nation) and 840 representatives came to New York for this historic 40 day effort. During this time Father launched the second ACLC Pilgrimage to the Holy Land the opened the gates to Al Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall as well and our delegation of Moslem, Christian and Jewish religious leaders and representatives of all faiths were welcomed in Jerusalem and Gaza. This was the substantial manifestation of True Fatherís proclamation of October 3rd entitled The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace (the second of three historic addresses). Then on October 3rd with the United Nations unable to accept the Interreligious council needed for World Peace Father launched the "Peace United Nations" as the Interreligious and International Peace Council centering on Rev. Kwak. Based on Fatherís direction we also marched to the United Nations and with thousands gathered including former heads of state we proclaimed the Interreligious and International Peace Council will lead the way to world peace. On the stage representatives of the Jewish, Christian and Moslem faith reconciled as brothers.

The 840 of 7 enemy nations were led by Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang, Dr. Yang, Rev. Song from Europe, Mrs. Erikawa, Dr. Walsh, Rev. Jenkins and Mr. Jim Flynn unifying many dimensions of our leadership. This team included key European, Japanese and Korean leaders and set the condition for unity of Enemy nations. From this body 84 Ambassadors were appointed by True Father as the "first" Ambassadors of the Fourth Israel and they departed for Korea for special training by True Parents. Father then launched the Third Pilgrimage to Israel not only with the ACLC Clergy but also with 400 representatives from 7 enemy nations (Korea, Japan, America, England, France, Germany and Italy). These 7 enemy nations rallied with 5,000 at Independence Park and walked to the Holy Sites and proclaimed that we as former enemies have reconciled and now the gate is open for Israel and Palestine to reconcile. Upon our return to Korea Father proclaimed that "Letís Go To Gaza". He also proclaimed the the reconciliation of Ishmael and Isaac, Hagar and Sarah must be accomplished through the fourth Pilgrimage and that this is the precondition for the unity of North and South Korea.

In December the Dr. Moon led the world wide leaders of the Womenís Federation for World Peace in their summit which was held in New York. Our American Chairwoman, Mrs. Alexa Ward did a magnificent job as the host and the NGO work of WFWP is now strengthened opening many, many countries to the heart of our True Parents.

Father directed the IIPC to manifest its work in the Holy Land through the Middle East Peace Initiative in both a conference and a rally. Father asked the world movement to go to Israel. 3000 representatives went and beheld the miracle of God. An International Conference was held with Rev. Kwak and President Wahid of Indonesia in the Gaza strip with 100 religious leaders and 150 religious and NGO representatives from Gaza. Then almost 3,000 gathered at the Holy sites and to the surprise of many tens of thousands from Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths as well as Palestinians and Israelis gathered in peace and united centering on Fatherís words delivered by Rev. Kwak. Dr. Yang led the rally to the victory of the Coronation of Jesus as the King of Peace by representatives of the Jewish Faith, with a Muslim and Christian representative. Then the Muslims presented a menorah and reconciled with Jewish leaders and Christian leaders repented and embraced a Muslim representative giving him a robe symbolizing the confirmation that Muhammad is Godís prophet. Jesus, Moses and Muhammad are one. The era of conversion is over and the Era of the Peace Kingdom is now realized through the resolution of the problems of 3000 years ago. We sincerely thank Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha and Confucius for making this possible from the heavenly realm. Now the lion will lay down with the lamb.

Fatherís final direction in the Holy Land was that centering on Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang 1400 leaders should be educated in preparation for the unity of Palestine and Israel as one family of God. This goal was completed on December 31st (in 7 days).

We must rejoice and be grateful that we were chosen to be a direct heir, owner and witness to the fulfillment of all scripture. Glory to God on High !!! Let the Proclamation of Godís Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom manifest in every home, community and nation on earth.

Thanks to our Beloved True Parents!! Thanks to Korea, Japan America and the World.


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