The Words of the Iverson Family

1st And 2nd Condition FR - STF Europe

Viktoria Iverson-Loew
February 1, 2006

My internal goal for this year was to develop my heart as a parent, wife and child. So I can see already that these past two conditions were stepping-stones to achieving it. The first condition, my internal goal was to go beyond myself, so a lot of self-denial and just doing it for the people, team, my family, TP and God. I was able to push myself quite a lot; being a second year, I felt it was my duty, and I learnt a lot from last year, so I wanted to put it into practice. Also I felt it my responsibility and need to show some kind of standard for the first years.

But being a team leader in the second condition was a whole new eye opener! My chance to develop my parental heart, and learn things like seeing things from another perspective, patience, love!! And really going beyond myself for the teamís sake. I carried the burdens of each team member on my shoulders and I tried to help them put them down. I was happiest when my team members had a good day and were happy; I cold see my own parents act that was towards me.

I was tested to my limits and I felt that I needed to break through on my own, I didnít have a team leader to help me, have sharing, so I had to find a way to put all my personal struggles aside, and offer the team my full attention. Sometimes I let it slip that I wasnít all the best, but the team helped me, and I didnít judge me of my few short comings. I gained respect for them.

I feel by developing my patience as well, and being a team leader helped me see things from others peopleís point of view, and think things clearly before making a decision, it was good to help me with my personal struggles. Iím really grateful for this experience, and I know it will definitely help me with WT. It was a hard road, but a shortcut to see me, and try and change for the better.

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