The Words of the Iverson Family

Prayers for France

Edy Iverson
May 4, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We need your spiritual support. France is in the midst of one of the most virulent Presidential election battles between God centered values and atheistic communism and socialism. On Sunday May 6th, Nicolas Sarkozy, representing freedom, faith and family and Francois Hollande are in a runoff for the presidential election. Hollande is a socialist who became the presidential candidate only because their original candidate, Dominik Strass Kahn, (the former head of the IMF is being tried of rape in NY) and was forced to step down.

Hollande represents the socialists, communists, labor unions, homosexuals, and atheistic anti-religious supporters. If the socialists get into office, it will be a spiritual tragedy for France and for God in this European providential nation.

If our brothers and sisters worldwide send their spiritual support, we can influence this election victoriously! Please continue to pray every day for France and this election through May 6th. We are doing very strong conditions here, bowing, fasting, praying and studying but it's not enough. Sarkosy in last week's runoff election came in second place losing by only one percent of the vote. Please forward this to all members and do all you can.

With much thanks and great appreciation

Edy Iversen Paris, France

Why we should pray for the re-election of Nicolas SARKOZY to remain President of France:

-- under his presidency, True Parents could come to France after 15 years -- he acknowledges the importance of the Christian roots of France, but still accepts the diversity of religions

-- He supports family values

-- He is against the homosexual marriage

-- He recognizes the indemnity paid by our forefathers to receive the blessing that we now have

-- He is advocating the value of hard work and sacrifice for future generations

-- He encourages entrepreneurship and self reliance

-- He is calling for national unity

-- he has worked to unite all European nations and understands the value of uniting with America, Germany, England and other providential countries and successfully led the G20 here in France.

-- He is supporting oppressed countries like Afghanistan

...all these points are not supported by the socialist candidate FranÁois Hollande.

With him we would have moral decline, communists and homosexuals in office, extreme taxation and economic recession, more strict separation of state and religion.

Thank you for your prayers for this very important providential nation. 

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