The Words of the Hwanbo Family

Mr. Hwanbo Speaks About Witnessing

June 21, 2003

I went to the office after the morning service and said that somebody had telephoned to say thank you for the last message that he spoke. I said that many people cannot understand the Sunday service and are hungry for spiritual food. He smiled and without a word pulled out a piece of paper and 2 chairs. He spoke as follows.

We need to concretely speaking settle down. How can we do this? The ministers and regional leaders are trying and are researching. They are researching different techniques . They report them on the Tongil home page in order to share with us.

The most important things are as follows.

The Family Party.

This is a most important activity. By the end of June there is the goal for each district to sign up 500 people to be members of the party.(This will continue also after June and the sign up papers are in the churches.)

The people will sign the application to join the political party. Then there will be education. The amount of days of education has not been decided yet.

There is a membership fee of 3,000 won per month.

It is useless if we cannot get the 3,000 won. In other words if we are not connected enough with them and they are not committed enough it is not good. This is an important activity. They must give this money voluntarily and of their own accord. If we do not care for them we cannot get the 3,000 won. How can we do it?

Through the Family Church and by connecting them with "myself". (By Family Church he means the little groups that we make.) He drew a circle with a nucleus and rays going out from the center to touch the circle.

You can meet together twice a month or if not absolutely meet once a month. You can put hoondok and education into practice. If Headquarters pushes these people and says give money it is tough. However centering on "myself" they can get education and they can educate themselves. This will be done in the hoondok group.

Can we say one person in this group is the teacher - no. The members teach each other. If we had a banker he could share his experiences and would be popular. If we had a university professor he could share his know how. The course curriculum for the education would develop. The members of the group are the teachers, in other words the students are the teachers. Everybody learns.

Solving the finances and expenses.

Once a month the party members give 3,000 won for the country. This could be easy if done voluntarily from their own initiative .If they are interested they can do it .If they are not interested they cannot do it. If time passes the money becomes a big amount and people would not like to pay that. We should gather the money on time and not let them feel burdened. If we waited for 6 months, for example, and then asked for 18,000 won they might feel it is a lot.

In our movement we do the activities of the Family Party, Tongban Kyopa, and Hoondok groups.

We can do them all together through the cell groups. If we do not do this activity we are dead. This will be the group where we can find God's country. The group in itself will be God's country. In this place there will be a mini Cheon Il Guk. Unite mind and body. Do all the activities that we have to do together .We do activities for the Blessing, the Family Party, North South Unification, Purity etc. We do not have enough members for everything. On top of that there are subdivisions of these areas ,(for example under Unification we have various organizations) which makes it even more tough.

We can put them all together. Some members say I belong to the Family Party so I will do only this and stop going to the church. This is bad thinking. We need a system to put everything together. Is this system made by Headquarters ? - no. If we all focus on the center waiting for everything to come from there we are dead. We are the ones to do it.. We are to be living people. We are to have life. We are to make cells and those cells are to multiply. If we are alive we can give birth and can multiply. This is God's system. How to make it beautifully is our homework. True love, True life and True blood lineage . Purity .. True love. . Love - follow God's words and live.

The DNA of the cell is True love, True life and True blood lineage. If we do not have DNA in our groups then we are just creating a hobby club which has nothing to do with us.

Our meetings can have the shape of a square, a triangle, or a circle - all are different with a different personality. However the constant factor is the DNA which we need. We can change our clothes if we want. True Father founded so many organizations. In the fall we will change out of our summer clothes. In the winter when it is cold we will put on many clothes. We do our best. The system can change but the underscore does not change. True Father says that a leader with no DNA is not competent (qualified?) A heartistic relationship with God. Know God's situation more than mine. Have this upfront. This is the system. We can change our clothes. For example we can wear the clothes that little children like and can relate to. We could wear the clothes of True Family or North /South Unity but the DNA is the same. The clothes of the Family Party. People of the world like it. It looks good. Better than faith and religion. However the content is the same. The motive is to meet people. Each cell is different but it has something the same which does not change. There will also be regional differences.

In hot regions we wear thin clothes. We put on clothes that match the fashion and match an area. If we have the same clothes as others and our communication is good we can go in.. The DNA can go into their mind and heart. If we organize cells we can say this is life. They will generate life within themselves. The cells will have walls to stop the bad things from coming in. They will keep off the dirty things. The cells will receive the good and take out the bad. The nucleus in the cell will carry the DNA. It will control everything so the leader must have DNA. The President of the cell needs True Life, True Blood Lineage and True Love. If we do not have these we cannot connect with Cheon Il Guk. This is our pride. Make this system. Make it. Make it healthy. Even if our Western members only make one it is wonderful. We put the seed in the earth .It does not rot. We harvest it. The tree becomes big. This is the country. The country is made up of these related parts of the body. This is the body of life. The country resembles the man. A living body . Make good cells and make a good man. If the system has an illness give water. Tackle the difficult problem.. From one leaf we can make everything - . True Father gave us the leaf. This has True Life, Love and Lineage. We transplant one leaf and from this we can make one country. We do not make it overnight. This is the work of God. We did not have the awareness of this. If we are continually changing we go in and then do not go in. If we look to our leaders for money and directions we are dead. Do from one's own accord instead of thinking I will do some other day or I will only do when I receive the command and the program. God does not want us to be like that. Serve. Be faithful.

Become the leader who returns the glory .The one who gives life, lineage and love. Be the root the source of the blessing. With this awareness you can do it. This is not a technique. True lineage means giving the blessing. The truth means once a month helping them to understand. True love is the activity of the heart. This is the special vision of True Parents. It will continue for eternity. This is what God wanted to see from the time of the Garden of Eden until now If we worry how to do it and what to do then we do nothing. What can we do? Be concerned for the people. Be pure and clean. Bring out the original nature. You can educate beautifully and their life will change. In order to give the DNA you need to be interested in the people. Often meet and talk and make a heartistic relationship naturally. In the past we had large programs pushed people to come and paid for everything. Do not think that Father should give money. Do by yourself for the sake of others. If we make good relationships and raise people well they will, of their own accord , want to come to major functions and they will willingly pay and may even offer to pay for others or to provide the food etc. For the sake of the people prepare the words to educate them. Think of their needs and do research to find the words that will help them..The hand of God will touch us and help us. Be a happy leader and a grateful follower. Make connections of heart and steer the course.

The Jewish people are so dedicated. During the lunch hour they study texts so that they can teach their family. We as humans cannot do with our ability. Be the leader who has taught himself. Expecting the members who are in the center to do for us is thinking that belongs to the world of satan. True Father said have an earnest heart .If we have no interest we are not urgent. Give sermons with Father's words. If you have 5 people educate them. Teach them the love of God ,the word and a clean life this is not just theology and knowledge without DNA.. Western members may feel heavy or gloomy. But we can do it ourselves. God wants this system. Nobody else has this dream. Be dependable Have ardour. Give warm tenderhearted love. .Make close friendships and the people will be moved by your sincerity. Everybody can change. Cheon Il Guk can be made. The leaders in the outside world just lead. However we have the 3 components of DNA . Have pride in it. Is the DNA really in me?. Check...we need to check daily to see if God's DNA is really in me.. Wear whatever clothes we choose and change the environment. Pray and catch what clothes to wear. Always carry truth , beauty and goodness. Make one couple or person as a foundation then three and then build from there. By July 13th it is very important to bring already married people for the blessing. Education and the Holy Wine Ceremony will be carried out by the regions.

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