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25th Blessing Anniversary Cruise

Chad Hoover
October 26, 2006

Dear Blessed Family,

Now is the time to sign up for the Blessed Family Association Silver Anniversary Cruise to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the 8000 couple Blessing in 1982!

The cruise is a 7 Day excursion to Alaska leaving from Seattle on June 30, travelling through the famous "Inside Passage" with five shore stops including Vancouver, Canada, and the famous fjords where the quickly disappearing glaciers are dramatically caving into the water. July 1st, the actual anniversary, will be celebrated at sea with a special ceremony.

Another cruise, to Bermuda, was also recently announced but has since been cancelled. We would like to thank the DC families, especially Joy Morrow, for their efforts to help us all celebrate together.

We have now expanded the cruise to include couples from other Blessings who would like to celebrate with us!

The cost of the cruise is between $1149 to $1999 per person, depending on choice of cabin. Please register right away to get the lowest possible fare.

This is a great, once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate 25 years of Blessed Family life with your Moon Honey together with other Blessed Couples!

If you can't make it, please plan now to organize your local celebrations!

To learn more, log on to the BFA Website at or email us at

Chad Hoover, BFA Chair
Bruce Bonini, BFA Secretary
Noah Ross, BFA Treasurer

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