The Words of the Hoodowoo Family

Testimony: The Cancer Cells in My Body Completely Disappeared!

Mieko Hoodowoo
February 27, 2003

This special spirit separation session was truly several times more powerful than that of normal sessions. Like concrete being broken into pieces, I felt the houses that the spirits made in my body were being broken into pieces and felt the spirits were being taken out of my body. I experienced first hand the real existence of the spirit world and experienced how hard angels are working to guide us.

In the beginning of September, 2002, I, by chance, was able to get an examination for vaginal cancer, before the special spirit separation period. The result was terrifying like a lightening bolt coming down from a clear sky, something that I could not foresee coming. I was diagnosed that there was a lump in the vagina that was changing into cancer cells and that I needed to get systematic examinations and immediate treatment. At first, I was overwhelmed over what to do, but I thought that I needed to delay in getting immediate treatment and first go to Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. At that moment, I received a call from a friend that there was a Special 12 Day Spirit Separation Session (September 12th to September 23rd, 2002). I felt that hearing my friendís voice was due to the assistance of my ancestors who became absolute good spirits.

I hesitated over the fact that the period was 12 days, but I came anyway since I heard that I could receive the benefit of this period as long as I participated in six holy song sessions. After I got there I was able to stay until the end because I felt that I needed to stay longer.

Dae Mo Nim said, "Since the spirits who blocked [providential] history and became absolute good spirits will be helping you during this time, if you believe 100 percent and if you can unite with God and True Parentís providence, then you can separate them [spirits] in one minute and one second. Please work as if you are crazy." I tried to follow Dae Mo Nimís directions and strove hard in separating spirits. As I tried to unite with God and True Parentsí hearts and repent for my sins and fallen natures, I prayed with tears.

After the fourth holy song session, during the time when we ansoo all over our body, I ansooed my lower area, where blood was discharged, and hoped that evil spirits left my body. The next day, I requested to meet with Dae Mo Nim, but Dae Mo Nim said that, "the spirit that was causing cancer in your body was already taken out. Therefore, there is no need to meet with me." After I heard Dae Mo Nim say that "if Adam and Eve did not fall, then any disease could be cured with the hand," I felt Godís sorrowful and distressing heart and cried a lot during the holy song sessions and in the Jeongshimwon Prayer Hall."

I realized how pitiful a person that I am because of the fact that even though I "dust off" the spirits and do some more spirit separation, there are still piles of spirits in me. I realized how much I have been influenced by evil spirits, that have accumulated through 6,000 (biblical) years. I am so grateful for the grace that was given to such an unworthy person like me so that the spirit that was causing cancer was able to be taken out.

After attending the workshop and returning to the hospital for an examination, the doctor was shocked. The lump almost entirely disappeared, and the doctor said that only the outer layer needed to be treated. After taking a simple treatment from the doctor, I did not take any special medicine, but the cancer cells completely disappeared.

The precious work of Chung Pyung and the hands of Dae Mo Nim is the only hospital in the world that can treat a disease before it becomes too big of a problem. I gained a strong conviction that the work of Chung Pyung cannot be compared to Seoul National University Hospital, Joongang Hospital, Samsung Hospital (the most prominent hospitals in S. Korea) I am deeply grateful to God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and Hoon Mo Nim for saving a person who was doomed to die.

By Mieko Hoodowoo, 6500 Blessed Couple of Masan Church in Gyeongsan South Province, South Korea.

(Dae Mo Nim said that the grace of the Special 12 ĎDay Spirit Separation Session will be given one a year. Dae Mo Nim said that she asked God if He could allow this special session to occur twice a year, but God has not yet given the approval.)

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