The Words of the Hoffmann Family

1st SET FR Condition Reflections

Klemens Hoffmann
December 16, 2006

The FR condition for me already started with the Kickoff-workshop in Camberg. I really enjoyed the internal guidance about FR and all the connections to the DP, our future life and its effects on our behavior and our relationship and actions towards other people. And after these 5 weeks of FR now, I can honestly say "Itís true!" Through our time in FR we have to reflect about our actions and words we use towards others. You are always confronted with so many people with different characters. The team is especially training for that, to adjust and to embrace every kind of character Ė unconditionally.

Itís of course not easy, but most of the struggles help you to develop yourself. So itís a really good training for later on in your life. FR is a real training how to practice Godís way of love in your life and in your relationship to others. Thatís the most precious experience for me until now, it makes you appreciate everything much more than before. After some days of MFT you worship a bed incredibly, and you see the value of having space and a house. For tall people like me MFT in vans is crunched up, and not comfortable! I have difficulties doing FR everyday, but after most of the day, Iím just very happy not because the day is over, but because of many nice experiences during the day. Sometimes I just enjoy FR because you hear so many different and funny excuses.

"Oh, not today son, Iím in the middle of making my tea!"

How long does that take, 5 minutes? Or "Oh, not today, honey, I donít have any money on me, just now!" But you hear the sound of clashing coins in their pocket and when you ask for a donation, "Sure, here you go!" You just cannot do anything else then love these people and their excuses. I also liked doing industries here in Scotland. I never did it before. You have so much time between buildings to think and digest and its just fun to try all the things another fundraiser would never ever do.

But most important is not only enjoying what you are doing and doing it with passion, but be honest to yourself and love yourself to be able to love others, this is something I have to improve on.


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