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Religious Youth Service Project to Take Place in Estonia

Johann Hinterleitner
March 14, 2012
UPF -- Estonia

When? August 13-20
Where? Estonia
Contact: Johann Hinterleitner

Tallinn, Estonia -- A Religious Youth Service project will take place from August 13 to 22 at a Lutheran Church in Central Estonia. Participants will improve the historic burial grounds, work in the village park, build a stone fence, and renovate the village road and entrance gate.

Along with 10 Estonian youth, 25-30 international youth are invited to participate. Beds will be provided, but participants should bring their own sleeping bag or bedding. The cost is 97 euros per person, which will cover about half the anticipated cost of transportation, accommodations, food, and program expenses.

The educational and inter-religious learning opportunities during the program are being developed.

For more information email Johann Hinterleitner, Secretary General, UPF-Estonia. 

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