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Hyung Jin Nim's visit to Europe

Johann Hinterleitner
August 26, 2010

To all,

Hyung Jin Nim and his wife are currently in Europe. They came from Israel where they took part in the latest event of "Proclaiming the Word" to Italy. Last night I received information from two sources that Hyung Jin Nim's couple decided an unscheduled visit to France, where they will visit the family Yuen who recently lost their eldest son in the bus accident.

According to the sources they will also visit the second gen sister, who was seriously injured in the accident.

Then Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim will move on to Germany and follow their original schedule.

I though this was worth sharing, because it reveals what I consider a beautiful aspect of the heart of Hyung Jin Nim's couple. Their genuine love and appreciation for brothers and sisters.


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