The Words of the Herbers Family

Ancestor Liberation

Highmy Herbers
January 26, 2011

It is hard for me to get words from my mind to writing, so please bear with me. I was listening to Hyung Jin nim's speech a while ago about how we need to realize that we NEED True Parents, that we need a messiah. He was talking about how we still have sin, personal, ancestral and collective sin. I've always been one who struggled with the possibility that I could actually make conditions that could restore the past and move spirit world. And I always felt very frustrated with the discrepancy of how some people can feel close to God and others can't. I've always felt very desperate that my children would be able to feel close to God, that at least they don't have to struggle with the question of whether God exists or not, but not really sure how to "make it happen."

I went to Chung Pyung last weekend for the special commemorative works workshop. Even though I struggle with spirit world things I try to go with the attitude of having faith that something good can come from it. On Sunday morning we did ancestor liberation. my mom had told me earlier that if we did a wish paper then our ancestors' misdeeds would be wiped clean, so I did that. At the end of Ansu, when we were praying I had a revelation. It might be old news to all the Chung Pyung veterans, but I realized in that moment that by liberating our ancestors we can erase our ancestral sin and as many people do it we can also clean up the collective sin, thus lessening the burden of sin on us and our children. For this reason I have to give great thanks to my mother who has been very determined in liberating all generations possible.

I write this to encourage all of you to do the same. 

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