The Words of the Henry Family

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About Father's Court Case -- The Process of Father's Appeal (Susan Henry and HSA-UWC Legal Department - December 1983)

Update on Father's Court Case (Susan Henry - May 14, 1984)

To The Greater Glory of Reverend Moon and To the Shame of America (Susan Henry - July 20, 1984)

Funding Your Sunday School (Vicki Henry)

How to Start a Sunday School... Developing a Classroom Discipline Policy (Vicki Henry)

How to Start a Sunday School... Evaluation and Reward (Vicki Henry)

How to Start a Sunday School... Parent Involvement (Vicki Henry)

How to Start a Sunday School: Children's Characteristics (Vicki Henry)

Minneapolis Sunday School-Summer Service Projects (Vicki Henry)

So You Want to Teach Sunday School... Effective Teaching Techniques (Vicki Henry)

Structuring Your Sunday School Personnel (Vicki Henry)

Sunday School - Setting Up Your Classroom: Materials, Supplies & Equipment (Vicki Henry)

Sunday School: If you build it...they will come (Vicki Henry)

Teaching Sunday School: Special Needs Children also have a Right to Religious Education (Vicki Henry)

911 Call From God To My Blessed Central Family (Marius Henry - November 7, 2001)

Amazing Grace At the Chung Pyung 8-Day Workshop (Marius Henry - January 15, 2002)

Women’s Federation for World Peace embraces the Minneapolis, Minnesota Haitian community (Jeannette Henry - July 20, 2013 pdf)

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