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Announcement of New HSA Directions in America

Dr. Chang Shik Yang Dr. Tyler Hendricks

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June 28, 1999

TO: Regional Directors, State Leaders, Unification members
FM: North America Headquarters
RE: New Directions

New International Director

On June 15, True Father made Rev. Sun Jo Hwang Director of FFWPU International, of the HSA-UWC World Mission Department, and of other important areas in Korea. Rev. Hwang has served as President of HSA-UWC Korea and FFWPU Korea and will continue in those positions. True Parents gave new assignments to Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, whose positions Rev. Hwang is assuming. The formal transition ceremony took place on June 27 in Seoul.

New Continental Director

On June 5, True Father appointed Dr. Chang Shik Yang, former Regional Director of Washington, DC, to be the new Continental Director of North America. Dr. Yang succeeds Rev. Joong Hyun Pak, who has served as our Continental Director since January 11, 1994. True Father assigned Rev. Pak to work with the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. The formal transition ceremony took place on June 24, 1999 in New York.

New HSA-UWC Vice-Presidents in America

On June 17, True Father designated three new vice-presidents for the American church. Rev. Michael Jenkins is vice-president in charge of missions. Rev. Phillip Schanker is vice-president in charge of public affairs. Mrs. Yoko Kobayashi is vice-president in charge of the Japanese membership.

Location of National Headquarters

On June 1, True Father announced that National HQ should be set up in Washington, DC. From now, National HQ should have two locations, New York and Washington. We have made plans to begin by transferring key headquarters personnel and functions to Upshur House.

New Regional Organization

True Father assigned new Regional Directors from the current KEA leaders, all of whom are UTS graduates. Also Father asked Dr. Yang to pay special attention to developing the cities of Miami and San Francisco. The other changes--closing Charlotte Region and opening New Jersey and Columbus--result from the desire to place the leadership where the members are.

Region RD Vice RD/Reg Coord


Washington, DC

Rev. In Hoi Lee



New York

Rev. Dong Woo Kim

Rev. Eric Holt


New Jersey

Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong




Rev. Kil Hwan Kim

Rev. Peter Groenendyk


Columbus, OH

Rev. Seong Yeon Doo

Rev. John Morris



Rev. Man Ho Kim

Rev. Joshua Cotter







Rev. Ki Hoon Kim




Rev. Jin Hwa Jung

Rev. Jim Bard



Rev. Hae Chul Jung




Rev. Ki Yeol Lee

Rev. Peggy Yujiri



Rev. Won Seog Kang

Rev. Michael Downey


San Francisco

Rev. Byung Chul Kim

Rev. Kevin Thompson


Los Angeles

Rev. Baek Joong Ku

Rev. Godwin d Silva

New Regional Structure

1. DC, VA, MD, NC District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina

2. NY, CT New York, Connecticut

3. NJ, PA, DE New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

4. MA, ME, NH, RI, VT Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

5. OH, KY, WV Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia

6. GA, AL, MS, SC Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi

7. FL Florida

8. IL, MI, IN, MO, WI Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin

9. MN, SD, ND, IA Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa

10. TX, OK, AR, LA Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana

11. CO, NM, UT, WY, NE, KS Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas

12. WA, OR, MT, ID, AK Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska

13. NCA San Francisco (Northern California)

14. SCA, NV, AZ, HI Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii

Notes on these directions:

The Regional Coordinators are temporary assignments, to be confirmed through discussions in each Region.

New Jersey, Columbus, Miami and San Francisco are "special regions." This means that, while clearly a separate region, they should work in close coordination with another particular region. New Jersey works with New York, Columbus works with Chicago, Miami works with Atlanta, and San Francisco works with Los Angeles.

Dr. Yang requested that the farewell to the former Regional Directors take place Sunday, June 27, and that the welcome to the new Regional Directors take place Sunday, July 4, as far as practicable.

True Father has instructed the Regional Directors who do not have a UTS degree to immediately enroll at UTS. These are Rev. Jea Seok Kim (Boston), Rev. Young Shik An (Atlanta), Rev. Hun Suk Lee (Minneapolis), Rev. Jin Churl You (Dallas), Rev. Ki Young Shin (Denver) and Rev. Won Keun Kim (Seattle). We applaud the dedicated work that these men and their wives have carried out in America, and we are sure that God has great plans for their futures on the basis of the UTS education. All the new Regional Directors are UTS graduates.

These new directions do not affect the Regions and leadership positions in Canada.

400 Million Blessing Campaign

True Father has conveyed on several occasions that he sees America as serving as the cutting edge of the 400 million blessing campaign this year. He said that this is why he established UTS and why he held a 3-day workshop recently for the UTS alumni. The UTS alumni should be setting the trend for this campaign and all American members should dedicate together with them. Dr. Yang has designated July 1 as the kick-off for this campaign.

17th Anniversary of the 8,000 Couples Blessing (1982)

We will have a special program to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the 1982 8,000 couples blessing (New York/Madison Square Garden and Seoul) in connection with the July 1 Holy Day (Declaration Day of God s Eternal Blessing). True Parents will be with us in New York for this special day. In the afternoon at Belvedere we will have a picnic for these families, and in the evening at Manhattan Center a special program as well. Stay tuned for more information.

In all these things, let us work sincerely for God and True Parents, 

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