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UTS Expanding at 43rd Street in Manhattan

Tyler Hendricks
August 10, 2009

Thinking of a Future in Ministry, Counseling or Interfaith?
To Make It Easier for Your Busy Life,
UTS Is Expanding at 43rd Street!
Enriching Courses / Great Professors
Practical Job Training / Manhattan Location

GET YOUR MASTERS DEGREE: Master of Divinity or Master of Religious Education. These fully accredited degrees lead to careers in church leadership and ministry, counseling, chaplaincy, education, and interfaith peace activism as well as advanced degree studies.

BEST LOCATION: The UTS space at 43rd Street has been redesigned with new library, Information Commons and study space. We have 12 fully-equipped work stations. At the same location you can connect with the Lovin’Life Ministries of Rev. In Jin Moon. The Lovin’Life Learning Center (LLLC) programs are expanding, so 43rd Street will be full of activities. You will have many opportunities to develop yourself as a minister, teacher, counselor and evangelist and learn all aspects of contemporary worship.

CONVENIENT SCHEDULE: Registration day is August 28, starting at 3 p.m. and going until 9:30 p.m., at 4 West 43rd Street. Classes are offered afternoons and evenings, with intensives on four alternate weekends.

ENRICHING COURSES: Gain knowledge and practical skills in ministry from Jacob David, Mark Isaacs, Keisuke Noda and Tyler Hendricks, counseling from Luonne Rouse, Christian theology and history from Theodore Shimmyo and Michael Mickler, the biblical scriptures from Greg Jones and Andrew Wilson, world religions and interfaith from Michael Mickler, Andrew Wilson, Jacob David and Ron Brown, and educational methodology from Kathy Winings and Anne Iparraquirre.

PRACTICAL JOB TRAINING: UTS students choose from a variety of credit-bearing internships and certification programs. In addition to the LLM and other local ministries, students choose CPE (clinical pastoral education) in hospitals, disaster response training, interfaith activism related to the UN community, and others. Want to learn more? Go to!

STUDENT HOUSING: For students from outside the tri-state area, HSA property management is preparing residential space for UTS students at two locations: 147 West 120th Street, Manhattan and on Westminster Street in Brooklyn. 

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