The Words of the Hendricks Family

Experience at Chung Pyung

Sunjo Hendricks
November 2008
Clifton, NJ Church, USA

I came to Chung Pyung with specific goals. But I found out that those goals were just external, meaning won’t help me spiritually or help others even, just me physically.

Before coming, I had many small physical problems. I would complain about them all the time. Doctors never helped, change of schedule or diet would not help. Eventually I felt Chung Pyung worked help.

After attending a week of the 40-day workshop I realized I was so focused on being healed physically that I didn’t do anything for my spiritual life or even my ancestors. so I started bows and a prayer condition. This helped greatly. I was focus on God, not ‘me’, and it helped me see clearly. That is when I made ‘the’ decision-join the Holy Song Session team.

I felt as I was doing the Holy Song Session that a burden was being lifted. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. I felt lighten. Even now I am learning more and more about myself through the Holy Song Session. And you need to have this heart, passion, strength, Love to be on the Holy Song Session team. I was lucky to meet so many great brothers and sisters, all working together for God.

This is the close of my workshop now and I feel there is more I can do to close well. But I feel the important thing is not what I do here, but how out there can become a ‘here’, a Heaven and Earth Training Center. I know God loves me and I love God, but we happen to be on the wrong frequency, so it’s hard but I’ll do my best. Thank you very much. 

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