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May 28 E-Corn

Tyler Hendricks
May 28, 2003

Dear UTS alums,

Greetings from UTS, land of the spring rains. The tomatoes are growing slowly, but the rabbits, deer and wild turkeys are doing well.

I attach information about a media management workshop offered by the Washington Times Foundation beginning this Friday, as Father has said that seminary graduates who have not already attended this workshop should do so now. I would like to share my understanding of the background of this announcement, even though it is partial and sketchy, so that you might have a context to evaluate our Founder's invitation.

Father was ill from March 15 or 16, which was the beginning of the Iraq war. March 16 through May 27 was an indemnity period. On May 4, Father had a conference call prayer with the Family Federation presidents of Korea, Japan and America, around which Father declared the "Day of Ceremony of the Great Transition of the Realm of Dominion." This signifies the "horizontalization" of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Two months after Father fell ill, May 15, was the anniversary of the independence of Israel, and three months after that, August 15, the independence of Korea. May 4 was Hyun Jin Nim's 34th birthday and Father gave a special prayer on that day and began a 21-day prayer condition. On May 22 a proclamation was made (I have not seen the text). 21 days later, on May 24, Father gave a long address to a small group at East Garden, and on May 25 he took the East Garden staff families out to dinner. The next day, May 26, he came to Barrytown and spoke to the seminarians.

We have Father's visit on video, but I have minimal notes. Father said that he had to turn around all things on that day and that was why he came here. He spoke on mind/body unity, and that the mind, ultimately God, and body, ultimately Adam, became one on February 6, 2003. He announced that UTS has to be self-reliant financially, referring to the metaphor of the birds of the air that Jesus used in the sermon on the mount.

Father's first public gathering since his illness took place at East Garden on Thursday, May 22, beginning at 5 a.m. The occasion was the arrival of the ACLC group back from Israel. Father spoke until about 7:30 a.m., then we had reports from Rev. Sun Jo Hwang (Korea, concerning the visit of Pres. Mu Hyun Ro with Pres. Bush), Rev. Dae Haeng Yu (concerning church development in Japan), Dr. Joon Ho Seuk (concerning educational development in Russia and China) and Mr. Sang Kwon Park (concerning North Korea). During these reports Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, Bishop Stallings, Pastor T. L. Barratt, an Imam from New Jersey, other clergy and Dr. Wilson, arrived from their 5 a.m. flight. They heard all the reports and Father's strong words, then presented their report, including gifts to Father of stones from the Garden of Gethsemane, a statuette, and the Jerusalem Declaration, which True Parents signed. The Declaration stands on the foundation of Christians bringing down the cross and Jews respecting Jesus, signified by a banquet of 120 Christian clergy and 120 Israelis. (The text has not yet been published.) Father was joyful overall, and very happy with our professor Dr. Wilson. Father hugged Dr. Wilson and exclaimed that he is to become the king of Israel.

We have heard that one important nation is now promoting the idea of a religious council at the UN, and the president of that nation personally encourage President Bush to pursue it. With the US and UN in a chilly relationship after the war, it offers an avenue for cooperation, and we are told that the American President is receptive to the idea and has assigned a top leader to pursue it. The President also heard positive words about True Father from President Ro. To add fuel to the fire, Father has directed Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo to work together in order to lift up Father's vision and activities for world peace before the leadership of America in a significant way before July 4 of this year. For that purpose, these three leaders have convened meetings and are making plans.

The culmination providentially is that the first and second Israels are uniting (ACLC in Israel, and we will have more such pilgrimages for peace) and the US and UN are receptive to important initiatives. This altogether signifies the re-establishment of the "realm of Israel," a realm in which that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israels are one. It is initiated by God, and includes Israel, Christianity, America, Islam and all the world's religions. According to Rev. Jenkins's notes, "With the help of the Second Israel of Christianity, the Śrealm' of the first Israel will be re-established through the embrace of Jesus. As the first and second Israel unite and fulfill their providential roles, then the third Israel of the Fatherland will have the condition upon which it can unify according to God's direction."

Father invited the wives of the 36 couples to attend the True Day of All Things (or is it now the Day of All True Things), and he is prepared to forgive all the 36 couples for their shortcomings, including leaving the church.

From this time, True God's Day and the Coronation Day (1/13) will be celebrated at the same time. Also, the other three original holy days (Parents', Children's, and All Things') will be celebrated on the same day, and that day will move each year from lunar March 1, to lunar May 1, to lunar October 1, and back. The other four high holy days (True Parents Birthday, God's Eternal Blessing, Cosmic Sabbath, and Nation of the Unified World) remain unchanged as far as I have heard. I do not know when the new schedule takes effect.

In this context, Father is emphasizing the importance of the media, and has called for the Washington Times Foundation workshop. The qualification to attend for members in America is that you have any college education, and members outside America should have a college degree. In particular those with graduate degrees are asked to attend, and among those the people who graduated from UTS are encouraged to attend. This is the workshop that is normally given to UTS graduates immediately after the Commencement.

There is no fee for the workshop, and room and board is covered, but participants have to cover their own transportation. The dates are May 30 dinner through June 7 lunch. Please refer to the attached information and consider your availability for participation.

All the best, ITL, Tyler Hendricks

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