The Words of the Heller Family

NY-NJ region Leaders Meeting with Dr. Yang

Jorg Heller
October 19, 1999

Notes from the leaders meeting at HSA-UWC 43rd St, New York

Alexa Ward: She gave short testimony of her 40-day experience in Japan and Korea. (I'm sorry but I missed most of her testimony)

Rev. Clarke: Went to Japan and Korean to inherit and bring back the heart of sacrifice and determination of brothers and sisters in those countries. Coming back with a rebirth experience to witness to your own kink - Americans. His ten days in Korea were so jammed that it was equivalent to the 30 days in Japan. We don't want to repeat the previous 20 years of incompetence and lack of effort in America. We need to have the same heart as they have in Japan and Korea. We need to grasp the deep responsibility of America and act upon it.

Rev. Fong: It was a very rich experience filled with lots of emotion. There's a strong sense of sacrifice and a strong giving spirit in Japan. Every morning housewives would come to the church center for a worship service. Their husbands are totally against the actions of their wives and many want to divorce their wives. Still these housewives continue to come because of their love for True Parents. They truly want to sacrifice their lives for TP. Japan is truly a motherly country - very respectful of, trustful of and dependent upon a central figure. In Japan, the Japanese and Korean leaders are so united. The Japanese leaders know how to speak Korean. I wish all Americans cab have the same 40 day experience.

Witnessing efforts:

Rev. Walton (Queens): There are now 15 Japanese sisters working in Queens. The 1st week, they brought 45 guests - 3 attended 1-day workshop. The 2nd week, the results were unfortunately less. They will change their strategy in witnessing by introducing the Blessing on the streets. They have cultural evenings on Saturday night and might have it on Friday nights as well. He's also been e-mailing guests and received a great response from 1 guest (Get people's e-mail addresses). They are planing to branch out the witnessing efforts to college campuses. on NY regional 2-day workshop (Rev. Walton gave lectures): There were 10 guests - 10 Hispanics, 2 Africans and 1 white. Everyone was on time for the lectures. The group meetings were very nourishing with lots of questions and participation. The lectures were DP and Father's life and works were introduced to the guests. They talked about the matching. There was good camaraderie among the guests and they all were appreciative of being able to communicate with others on a higher wavelength of affairs than their usual daily life. Matching forms were handed out and one by one 9 of them filled out the forms.

Rev Hori (Brooklyn): They have three witnessing teams. Last week, they brought 36 guests including one young Jewish man (Hallelujah). The church outreach team met with 21 ministers and at three churches the congregation had a Hoon Dok Hae reading. On Sunday all the Japanese sisters visit the churches.

Rev. Oppenheimer (New Jersey): He's not yet organized and thus the Japanese sisters are not working up their potential. The key to success is having a center in the midst of witnessing efforts to bring guests right away to the center. The Bergen Line center had 40 guests last week, 3 signed for workshop. The whole focus in NJ is strictly witnessing. Shedding tears brings good victories. They had a 1-day workshop at Ocean Church with 5 guests attending. Yesterday, there were 10 guests at the Clifton center.

Rev. Compton (witnessing team): There were 14 guests at the 1-day workshop last weekend. Camp Sunrise is so beautiful at this autumn season that people's hearts naturally open up with the beauty of creation. several people signed up for the matching. He's developing a good concluding talk on the Blessing.

Rev. Holt (NY region): We're finally utilizing 43rd St. center to it's true potential. After years of million of people walking by the building, the witnessing efforts are coming to be. We've always had the heart of witnessing, but our bodies never moved. We can now rebuild our church. We're grateful that American church HQ's is moving to Washington, now 43rd st. can be a witnessing center and church center.

Approximately 1,000 guests have come to 43rd St. since the Japanese missionaries came. Yesterday, we had 16 more matching signees. The NY-style has been ideal world, theological witnessing. Yet in Seattle and SF, they are approaching people with the matching forms directly. Now NY is doing the direct matching form witnessing. The guests at the 2-day workshop were so united. The plans are for them to attend 4-day workshop, move into the center and actionize.

Mrs. Erikawa (American IW): She started off saying "I love you" to us. She is deeply inspired by all the reports of witnessing and the 40-day witnessing in Japan and Korea. Heavenly Fortune is circling the earth - we have to know how to capture it. Father started a new providence by bringing the Japanese missionaries to America. Father told her (Mrs. Erikawa) to be the general of these missionaries.

Our mind and body must unite centering on original mind. We should center our mind on church activities and unite our movement. She has met with TP many times. They expressed to her that now all activities in America must center through Rev. Yang. All must report to Rev. Yang. All organizations must unite under Rev. Yang.

Father asked for 4,200 Japanese missionaries, as of now 1,344 have come to America. She has confidence that a spiritual hurricane is working in US. Nationwide - everywhere 100 guest are coming to church centers everyday - in Boston, LA, SF everywhere. Every city wit universities are overflowing with guests. It's like a waterfall.

Before Father left for Uruguay, Father wanted not just 4,200 J missionaries, but all 22,200 from 160 nations to come to US.

There are so many testimonies of great victories happening. One testimony: a young black man has become active in our church now. His mother is a pastor and has been making all kinds of effort to involve her son in church and religious activities without success. But he always expressed how boring church and religion was. The Japanese sisters changes his heart and has a bright spirit. He was told to support his mother and give HDH at her church. His mother is so happy with results and she herself is wanting to study DP. America is a unique country. If Christianity unites with us, the 400 M Blessing can be reached right away. All of American members have to wae up. Unite with J sisters - create good Mother-Son relationship and then develop Father-Son relationship with Korea. We have to end God's resentment. Whoever lives in this country is called by God.

In Denver, J-sisters invited 3 professors and through them 160 students came to an event. There are even many Japanese students on American campuses. In Japan, it is so difficult to meet these students. We need to be more serious about campus ministry.

In Seattle, they approach people with direct matching forms. They had 20 signees right away. People pay $100 non-refundable fee when signing form. In witnessing, language is not most important, it's the motivation of heart. If you go out loving this country, loving TP, with sincere prayer with pure heart, anyone can bring results.

One sister in NY had a dream that she saw the Hudson River frozen. The fish in the water weren't moving at all and didn't know if the fish had died or not. When she saw the fish with TM's heart, the fish began to move. When Mrs. Erikawa reported the dream to TF, he said this is the situation of American church, they have a frozen heart. If we can go out with sincere mind and heart, we will unfreeze and bring victory.

Japanese sisters are always willing to do. 100's of guests are coming because of their determination and action. The SW is truly alive in America. Christian martyrs are working here with Jesus and his wife. When the J-sisters think about home, they cry. TF told them that they are offering their hearts for this country. 2,000 years ago, people offered their lives as martyrs.

God and humankind are separated, we have to restore that relationship. We need to shed tears. All Blessed couples in America have to wake up and work in the frontline. Father gave direction that not just the Japanese sisters are to mobilized for witnessing, but all members should be mobilized.

Rev. Yang: We are all owners of this country - citizens, residents, natives. We need to know our priorities. There are 70 days until the new millenium. The new millenium has no meaning without Messiah.

We were all called by God and TP for the Blessing. Without a strong effort in our lives, we still got blessed and are receiving many blessings. And if our spiritual eyes are open, we can see that there are many more great blessings in front of us. We are the first generation of disciples similar to the 12 disciples of Jesus. We are living at the same time as TPs. Our descendants will be proud of us. We should keep a daily record of our life or at least a weekly record. We should always keep track of TP's life.

Father had a ceremony on 10/10. It was the 2.10 commemoration - "Il Ship Jeul" in Uruguay at 7 AM. This is a new start of Heaven. The blessing of a new era. There were several points:

1) Now is the time for the end of the providence of indemnity. God's substantial world is established from 7.8 and 9.9 Jeol.

2) Since the age of restoration of indemnity is over, we pray in our name as blessed families who have inherited from TP. We should pray in the correct form. What is the meaning of prayer - it is to report and determine (not a begging of help).

3) We are entering the age of the 4th Adam with the 2.10 Jeol. This is the natural age. 10 means direct dominion with God. We have passed through the indirect dominion. Now we are in the direct dominion stage. If we do good things, we will be rewarded directly (externally) from God. Not even a little speck of spiritual dirt can stand between God and us if we do good. We can be proud in front of God. We can see God through our 5 senses. HF is surrounding us.

Father sometimes show anger. He needs that to fight evil. But to us - he loves us. We have to develop TL relationship with TP, as they love us, we should love them.

This is the age of 4th Adam - the original Adam's age - no more fallen Adam age. We have to recognize this and enter a new age. We actually already entered the new millenium. We have to know this spiritusally. We have to get rid of our old sp. bodies.

Crucial responsibility of entering new age is that each blessed couple must bring one couple to the next Blessing. This is crucial to be able to reach the Tribal Messiah level. The mission of messiah is to save people, bless people. We need to save and bless people.

The Japanese sisters came to America with one direction, They are sacrificing incredibly. Even though they are here bringing victory, what should we do? We should elevate our minds and hearts to their level. Even the whole world movement is watching America. They are getting news about America through the Internet. We have to offer everything we can - our minds, hearts, time. Many members are offering their homes to these sisters and are giving their own master bedrooms to them. Our homes are not ours. It is for God's providence.

All sisters go out witnessing - Japanese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Western-Americans all join the providence, no excuses. Let's save America, save the world, make our TP's proud of us. This is the age of harvest - don't miss out. Blessing are coming abundantly to those who are giving their hearts and minds for God, now. Don't miss the boat to Heaven. Amen!!!

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