The Words of the Heller Family

Another Testimony From LA Witnessing Team

Krystof Heller
April 25, 2007

Hello brothers and sisters, this is Krystof Heller. I would like to first express my gratitude to God and True Parents for all of their hard work and of course True Family, Mr. Aoki and then the roll of leadership who are all investing their lives for our spiritual growth.

Thanks to all members of stf working hard especially Nobuki San, Tolik Hyung, Nadya Nuna and all members of the "LA Dream Team". I want to briefly share about my experience in our most recent 2 day workshop held at camp Mezumdar.

Ever since coming to LA things have been really exciting. This is the second 2 day workshop for guests that we held in the time we have been here. I was privileged to have a guest. This workshop was especially exciting because instead of someone else giving the lectures, we prepared all the lectures ourselves from the POC to the Second Coming.

I feel that this brought a stronger spirit to the workshop and helped the content really sink into the guests. My guests name is Anthony, I met him on the campus of Pasadena City College. He is Chinese but he grew up in Vietnam, and about 6 months ago his family came to America and he now goes to school. He's a great guy and was really excited to meet us.

Being at the workshop this time was a very different experience from the first time for the fact that I had a guest. I found myself being really picky when listening to the content of the different lectures being given. During the lectures focusing so hard because I knew if I spaced out at all then the content wouldn't really sink in. I found myself hitting limitations concerning Anthony's well being that I almost wished that he wasn't my responsibility. I would get so worried when he would go off on his own and explore nature without telling anyone because there is a chance that he might get hurt or eaten or something. But I noticed that my emotions where getting a little excessive. I decided to really check my motive for being there in the first place and why I wanted him to act the way I wanted him to. I found myself not really thinking about his well being but myself and what would happen if I didn't take care of him. I had felt that because I had to not because I wanted to.

So from then I decided to change my motive. I wanted not to just "love" him because I had to but to do it because this is my commitment to God and to him to invest until he can understand everything about God and his value. I realized that the steps I was taking to love him and care for him and make sure he understands everything are the same steps that parents take nurturing their kids and feeding them and denying themselves to make sure their kids are well. Parents do all of this with a loving heart and I want to grow this heart not only for Anthony's spiritual life but if I would ever like to help people in the future and participate in God's providence then I can't have an expectation.

So as the workshop came to a close, we all left with a great feeling, and reading Anthony's reflection of it, I was so happy to hear about what he got from the lectures and that he enjoyed everything. So thank you all again for your support and investment on the frontline.

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