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Israel - Invitation Letter and Application Form

Jorg Heller
April 23, 2003

American Clergy Leadership Conference
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April 22, 2003

Dear ACLC Pastor,

We greet you in the love and power of the Holy Spirit and rejoice in the victory of our work together to focus on the Resurrection of Jesus. We are humbled by the magnificent work of the Lord to bring together the body of Christ. We also earnestly pray that we might see the dawning of a new era without war. The only way to achieve this is through the anointed reconciliation of the sons of Abraham - Christian, Moslem and Jew.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive a special invitation to join the ACLC Pastors to travel to the Holy Land, entitled "Exchange Your Cross For A Crown and Heal the Divisions of the Sons of Abraham". Our purpose is reconciliation and understanding, and to embrace the First Israel. Miracles are occurring throughout the Body of Christ as many ACLC pastors have followed the inspiration of the "Old Rugged Cross" and have practiced the refrain "I will cling to that Old Rugged Cross, and exchange it someday for a crown." During this past Easter weekend over 258 Clergy have joined in this historic turning point in which we are calling for an end of the era of suffering and shame and proclaiming the dawning of the era of resurrection.

Our trip will depart on Tuesday, May 13th from New York City to Rome. We will stop for one day to visit the catacombs in Rome and offer prayers for the Christian martyrs. Then on Thursday, May 15th we will depart for Israel. We will spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Jerusalem. We plan to visit Golgotha, the Wailing Wall, and re-trace the footsteps of Jesus. (Note: Security may limit some parts of this journey). On Sunday we plan to have a symposium on bringing unity among the sons of Abraham. We will arrive back in New York on Monday, May 19th. To be qualified for this trip you must have taken your church cross down and have signed the statement of affirmation calling for an end of the era of the cross and begin the era of resurrection. Those who go with us will be part of a special mission. We are going to bury our crosses in the Holy Land and we will then hold a special conference to embrace the Rabbis and together lift up Jesus. This will be a time of reconciliation. Together we will sign the Jerusalem Declaration calling for a recognition of Jesus and reconciliation of the sons of Abraham.

Attached with this is our Information Sheet and Registration Form. You can also get this information on the ACLC website at We look forward to your participation at this historic time.

ACLC Trip To The Holy Land

"Exchange Your Cross for A Crown and Reconcile the Sons Of Abraham"

Information Sheet

Dates: Depart JFK around 4:50 pm Tuesday, May 13th to Rome. Rome to Jerusalem on the 16th. Return from Jerusalem to New York on Monday, May 19th.

Transportation: The ACLC pastor will be responsible for transportation costs to John F. Kennedy airport in New York City, plus the airfare overseas. We have negotiated with a travel agent an airfare of $1,000 for the overseas portion of the trip. (Soon we will provide details for pastors to arrange payment of the $1,000.) They should start soon to make their own arrangements for travel to JFK airport.

Meals, Accommodations, Tours in Israel: All costs for meals, accommodations and tours overseas will be covered by the American Clergy Leadership Conference.

Who may attend: Only clergy who have participated in the "End of the Era of the Cross and Begin the Era of the Resurrection" on Good Friday through Easter 2003.

Registration Deadline: Due to the need for security checks, registration must be completed by Thursday, May 1st, 2003. All information should be emailed to The registration form is included with this email invitation.

Tentative Schedule:

Tuesday, May 13th Depart JFK

Wednesday May 14th Arrive Rome

Tour all day
Paul's Journeys

Thursday, May 15th Depart for Israel

Arrive Israel
Dinner - Fellowship

Friday, May 16th Symposia


Saturday, May 17th Symposia


Sunday, May 18th Symposia with the First Israel

Jerusalem Declaration

Monday, May 19th Departures for USA

Attire: Business attire and Casual

Formal religious clothing for Jerusalem Declaration

Visas: Americans do not need a visa to Israel if they are staying less than 90 days.

We plan to provide soon a list of suggested items needed for this trip.

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