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Hayashi Selling Strategy - GDC - God, Determination, Confidence - MRT - Morning, Repeating, Thinking - RSP - Run, Smile, Push

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The reason why we are in Unification Church, the reason why we go fundraising everyday is to comfort God and help True Parents restore the world. So it is very natural that we remember our purpose and remember that Heavenly Father is always with us. But we forget that our Father loves us and we expect Him to come to us, even though we are the ones who sinned and left Him in the first place. We may be able to sell some candy without God, but if we want to be raised up to a higher level and make great results and really learn the suffering heart of God and really deepen and grow our heart then we must naturally think of God first. That's what Mr. Hayashi means, to think of God first; before eating, before sleeping, before selling, before anything. We need to include God in our daily lives and realize that He has waited 6000 years for this time when we could work for Him like this. If we can understand with a deep heart how much our Father loves us, then we will be able to see how anxious He is to help us. However, unless we ask God and seek God first in everything we do, He cannot bless us however much He may wish to. We are fallen people, we left God. Now we must endeavor everyday and in everything we do to take the initiative to restore our relationship with God. He has already done His 95% - He sent the Messiah - our responsibility is to earnestly seek God by desperate prayer and 100% effort to do our 5%.


Father always says to have a plan before you do anything, because in order to accomplish a goal you have to recognize the steps necessary to achieve it, and then you must wish for it enough in order that it will be accomplished. If you really want something you can surely find a way to work it out. You will look in every direction in order to get what you want. Many fundraisers resign themselves to the "task" of fundraising because they "have to" instead of having an internal motivation. So determination is having the fight necessary to overcome difficulties and find a solution to all problems. Determination is not being defeated by your environment but being subject over it. There are two ways of looking at everything. Let's say you are kicked out of your parking lot. You can be depressed and let the situation get under your skin, or you can smile up to heaven and tell God it's all right and then look upon your alternatives with enthusiasm and expectation. You just know there is a better place and that's why Heavenly Father let you be kicked out. Determination is having a reason why. Because I know God's suffering and the dangerous situation of Communism in the world, I want to help True Parents. I'm not so much, I don't have so much, but I must do it, I've got to take responsibility for America. We need the spirit of a patriot and resolve that an end to hatred is more important than my own life and that I will resolve myself to fight with everything I have and to never give up until I can overcome my own lackings and then progress to help recreate others. Determination is a resolution and a commitment to God, a final and decisive commitment to become God's instrument and that I am really willing to live for the cause and even die for the cause if necessary. Determination means you recognize the goal as more important than your own life and you work 110% to see it realized. If you cannot make the goal, then you pray with tears and pound the floor and promise God that surely the next day you will overcome. We must feel that an end to God's grief is more important than my own life. I will build the Heavenly Kingdom, even if everyone else loses hope - I will never give up. I will never stop.


Nobody can be one with God without the Messiah. Nobody can feel the warm caress of God or feel hope or feel secure without the Messiah. No one can be born without parents. Mankind died spiritually at the fall, now God is restoring us through the True Parents. Nobody has True Parents except us, but everyone feels a lack of something even if they don't know where it comes from. Everyone is looking for True Parents. So people drink Coke so that they will be in the right crowd, they wear the same fashions as everyone else and follow trends of speech and habit. Everyone wants to be popular so they spend billions on external things like clothes, make-up, and a big car. People are always looking for the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. They want to find someone they can rely on, trust, and always find strong. Nobody knows what opinion is the right one to have and people will generally follow the person who is the most outspoken and arrogant because they want to find someone strong to help lead them. The same applies to our standard of values in America. Our value system is in chaos and few people are sure of what is right and what is wrong. So when you approach people and are not clear and direct about what you are doing, they you offer them no solution and your seem to be just like everybody else. But if you approach them with a dignified walk, hold yourself upright, speak with a clear voice, and be in control of your facial expressions to express seriousness or humor, then they will stop and listen to you. If you seem strong and sure about what you are doing then people will pick that up and they will respond more to you because you are one of the few strong people who are not arrogant. They may not know if your cause is good or they may not like our church, but they will respect your well mannered and dignified approach. They will like you because even though you are sure you are able to be together with them where they are and where what's important with them. By your confidence you will open their hearts and they will tell you all their problems and they won't even know why they do and they will be more happy to give you a donation.


The morning sets the mood for the whole day. This goes along with the same idea as following Formation, Growth, and Perfection stages everyday. If your spirit is high in the morning and you quickly break through in prayer and are anxious to get your body moving through running and exercise and if you set yourself to work as soon as possible, then your whole day will follow the same course. Even if you have a low point in the middle of the day, you will rise up again in the evening (if you don't give up).


Repeating is a lifesaver. If you want to concentrate on one thing, say Determination for example, then you can repeat over and over again as you go through the day, "I will never give up." You can repeat this thousands of times and inadvertently you will begin to feel it more and more. You will attract determination spirits and you won't be able to forget your internal goal for the day. You can use Mr. Hayashi's repeating or you can get one from Captain or make up one of your own. Repeating is like having a lighthouse in a fog. If you concentrate on one thing to repeat and never let it go, it will see you through any space-out time and bring you back to center.


God already gave us the answer to all of our questions. We must do our 5%. The answer is located between our two ears. We have a mind and a creative nature, so we must review everyday, analyze, see where we could improve, and then make a plan and determination for the next day. Writing in a journal every night, keeping hourly goals, trying different kinds of area, trying different spiels, and trying to get people to smile are some examples of how to use your mind to find the answers to problems. Most important is to review each day, examine your conscience, plan the next day, repent for your mistakes, appreciate the good experiences, and pray deeply and seriously and sincerely for the people, brothers and sisters, and most especially for True Parents.


Running is very important in order to make a good result. The more you run, the more people you can reach. The more people you reach, the greater the chance to make a high result. Running can be offered as an indemnity condition. Each time you run to a person, offer your physical exertion as a condition for that person to give. Spirit world likes excitement and determination. By running you can excite spirit world and thow them you are serious. Running is good physical training and the excitement makes fundraising more enjoyable. By setting the condition with your physical body you can get your spirit man to feel the same urgency.


Show people that you are a nice person. Study your face and train it so that it can convey God's love to the people. A sincere smile is the first important step to catching someone's heart. No matter how good a cause you have, if you depress people they won't buy from you. So after paying indemnity by running up to the person, give them a wholehearted "Hello!" and a smile that will brighten up their day. Just think, they meet people all day long; their family, their boss, their employees, their customers, their children. They don't know who to trust anymore and most people scowl and demand things. You can be different.


Push does not mean to shove or badger. It means to plead with a sincere heart to show the people that you are serious and that it is a really good cause and important that they give. If you can convince the people that they will be better people for donating, then they will be more apt to buy. Also, pushing means seeing beyond the first "no" and gradually learning your limits with different types of people. Basically you must train yourself to see how far you can go with pushing people and by trial and error develop an art for "pushing people".


We are being restored to become God's true sons and daughters. We need to re-dignify ourselves. To be dignified does not mean to be starchy but it means to have adequate self-control and self respect. This means that we do things in a way as to be considerate of the feelings of others. That means I don't belittle someone else for my own satisfaction and I recognize the rights of my brothers and sisters. Manner means that I carry myself and speak and act in a way that one would in the presence of True Parents.

Individual Things

Father has said that the creation belongs to those who love it most. So when we are given clothes, food, a van, a toilet kit, a radio, or anything at all we are responsible for its upkeep and whereabouts. In order to be responsible over great things one must first become responsible over small things.


Jesus said the truth will make set you free. Divine Principle is the truth. It is the way that Father lives his life. Father, in a way, is Divine Principle. We can learn about God from the written word (the Bible and the Divine Principle), from other people (central figures, itinerary workers, brothers and sisters, outside people, and even ourselves when we make a reflection), from nature and by our intuition. Always research the people, study Divine Principle, study Father and brothers and sisters - find out the truth and the truth will set your spirit free.

Start Again

A house is built on a foundation. If the foundation is weak, the whole house will fall down. Everyday we go through the three stages of growth. If you aren't doing well, perhaps you have made a poor foundation. If you stop and pray and re-determine and set off as if it were the beginning of the day, you can sometimes change your spirit.


We are all in the position of Cain. Only Father is in the position of Abel. We are ignorant because of our sin, but sinless Father is not. By our reporting everything to Father, he can give us clear direction based on the truth and the well being of all mankind. To find God's intention for our lives we must go to the Messiah. But it is impossible for Father to see everyone personally, so he set up a system of Cain/Abel so that we can report to Father through a chain of command. The final decisions and directions come from Father. In this way we become one unified body revolving around a central point. Reporting to central figure affords God the greatest opportunity to guide our lives so that the Kingdom of Heaven can be established as quickly as possible.

Good morning Heavenly Father, I appreciate that you gave me this new day. Today I will greet Heavenly Father and Nature with all of my love.

1. The sun and the clouds, mountains and rivers, trees, grass, and all the flowers, everything is so beautiful. All of creation expresses part of my nature.

2. I love the dawn. It breaks nights darkness and lights the way.

3. The sky is very deep and clear blue, an expression of purity.

4. Mountains never move. They show us unchangeable determination.

5. The trees are great because they grow obediently day by day.

6. Rocks are valuable because they are so hard. They represent strong will and faith.

7. And birds sing God's cheerful message to our ears.

8. I love the dark because it brings out the stars and the stars give us hope.

9. The rain quenches the earth and brings back life. I love the rain because it cleanses my sin and makes me pure.

10. I truly love the wind because God is there speaking to me.

11. Because I am a microcosm of the cosmos, I can understand that all of these things are an expression of God's love to me.

12. I pledge in return I will love God. I will offer to God my prayer, my love, my power, and everything I have.

13. My purpose as chosen people is to fulfill True Love and to testify to the Messiah.

1. I love the young people because they have the power to believe in the future. They need hope and I can give them that hope.

2. I love old people. They have years of experience and much wisdom but nobody listens. I'll ask.

3. I love rich people because I can see God's blessing behind them.

4. I love poor people because they long for the ideal world.

5. I like businessmen because they are trying to take responsibility for this world.

6. I like housewives because they sacrifice themselves completely for their families.

7. I like Christians because they made a foundation for the Unification Church.

8. Hare Krishna are our good rival.

9. I appreciate arrogant people because in them I can see my sin. If I don't meet them, I also become arrogant.

10. I appreciate egotistic, selfish people because I understand how hard I am to God.

11. I appreciate our persecutors because through them I can become strong and closer to God. God is in the same situation.

12. Everyone is to increase my love and make me pure.

13. Today my enemy, tomorrow my friend, my brother or sister. Through this I can understand God's love for me.

1. I like fundraising because I can share the Heavenly blessing with them.

2. Today, as much as I can, I want to give Heavenly blessing to them.

3. I can see bright eyed people who bought Heavenly blessing.

4. I can see sad eyed people who didn't buy. I will pray that Heavenly Father will excuse them because Satan hardened their hearts. They will buy next time.

5. I am a slave of good habits.

6. If people refuse, I will pray for them.

7. If I am sad, I will sing a song.

8. If I am glad, I will thank God.

9. If I want to judge, I will cut my tongue.

10. When I have a complaint, I will repeat 21 times "I appreciate this, God."

11. If I am not happy, I will repeat 21 times "I am glad to do this, remembering God's past blessings and imagining God's future blessings."

12. When I am worrying about myself, I will repeat 21 times 'I don't need to worry about myself because Heavenly Father and True Parents take responsibility for me."

13. When I want to eat and drink and take a rest, I will repeat 21 times "I will sell one more."

14. I don't have any words like "can't" and "impossible" because they make my heart hard.

15. There is nothing I cannot do because I do it with Heavenly Father.

16. Everything I do, Heavenly Father is doing with me.

17. Today is the last day and I want to make today the best day.

18. I will do tomorrow's things today.

19. When I speak with a small voice, I will repeat 21 times "I will speak up with a big voice."

20. When I am struggling, I will repeat 21 times "Heavenly Father, You are right, but You suffered a long time all alone. Now I appreciate suffering together with You."

1. Because I can respond to anyone, I will study everything -- as an actor or actress studies rejection, anger, laughter, smiling, suspicion, seriousness, and doubt.

2. The people's eyes are round, square, big small.

3. The people's mouths are flat, found, big, small -- many kinds of mouths.

4. To research people is the first action in order to understand people, love and unite.

5. It will make me great.

6. I work together with Heavenly Father; I'll bring back $300 to Heaven.

7. I have confidence and I never give up.

I have confidence and I never give up.

I have confidence and I never give up. 

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