The Words of the Hayashi Family

Spiritually different Japan

Edna Hayashi
April 13, 2011

I agree with you, to change one's self is the most difficult thing to do. At the same time, perhaps you have this experience too. Sometimes even if I repent or make conditions of repentance, it's still quite difficult to overcome Fallen Nature. I thought it's either our conditions aren't enough or it's because of the environment around us.

What I mean by this is, I wonder sometimes I keep on repenting hard but (of course generally repentance by itself isn't enough, we've also to make the effort to change our bad habits).

But when I repent hard for something and it's still difficult to shake off the feeling (whatever Fallen Nature it is) I realized, it's because the people around me -- whether they're near or far-- feel the same way, or are manifesting the same Fallen Nature, or sins. I don't know if you understand what I mean, sometimes this Fallen Nature, or feelings of Fallen Nature multiplies, or often multiplies unknowingly. Later we find ourselves exhibiting the same Fallen Nature we got from others.

It's Satan's trick. When this becomes widespread, the more it's difficult to change, because almost everybody is exhibiting the same Fallen Nature. And it's difficult to "restore" things by ourselves, that's why sacrifice is needed to indemnify our sins and Fallen Nature, to cleanse us of sins and Fallen Nature.

This Fallen Nature and sins we manifest I think are exhibited as some kind of spiritual energy and they become walls although we can't see them -- I thought that's why in the Spirit World, things like sins, bad attitude are manifested as walls and high cliffs, mountains.

Perhaps that's why Father says we should be clear as crystal, if not in the Spirit World we'll have all these high cliffs and prisons surrounding us. We'll be surrounded by our bad attitudes and sins which manifest as walls -- on the earth as some sort of a bad spiritual energy and in the Spirit World, as real walls.

On earth, we can get rid of our sins and Fallen Nature by repentance and effort and through the grace of God but in the Spirit World, we can't do that. That's why Father says life on earth is important.

We've got some, many housecleaning (self-cleansing) to do, that includes me of course.

One time I was thinking perhaps one of the reasons God spared us from death--from the recent tsunami--is because God needs to have people to work to build CIG, although we may not do it so well. If God sacrificed us instead of the 30,000 people outside then there'll be nobody who'll have to fulfill the providence if the Blessed Central Families died or have to be sacrificed.

In reality, we're the ones who sinned first. Anyway, repentance is important.

One more thing, on the night of March 11, the day when the quake/tsunami hit Japan, I sat down to pray. I couldn't say anything, the only thing which I said was "Thank you Heavenly Father." At that time, I couldn't understand why I had that kind of feeling. Of course, at times of difficulty we know we should be grateful. But I realized later, it's because God is giving us the Grace -- to indemnify and cleanse ourselves of our sins through the sacrifice of those who died. We've to thank those who died. They died in our place. We've to thank God for giving us this Grace.

Last night I was wondering why God has to give us this slow, severe beating, whipping through giving us the triple disaster (and the nuke problem isn't solved yet). There's the answer: It's a grace. 

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