The Words of the Hartley Family

I work in a very large insurance office and have begun witnessing there now

Patricia Hardman [Hartley]
June 19, 1970
Dublin, Ireland

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Thank you for sending last months, "The way of the world". Since then I have moved from the flat in Palmerston Road to this new address as following;

Miss P.A. Hardman
18 Harcourt Terrace,
Dublin 2.

The Father showed me very clearly that it was not suitable as it was too far out of the city for the average person to travel. So here I am right in the city center and I fell that our Father is much happier here

So far 3 people have come to hear the first part of the Divine Principles. I work in a very large insurance office and have begun witnessing there now. This time of the year is bad to contact students as most of them have gone home to other parts of the country for the 3 months' vacation or they are writing examinations. A member of them I have spoken to said they would contact me when the new term begins in October.

About 3 weeks ago Carol Bartholomew visited me from our London center as I was going through a difficult time spiritually. It was so good to feel our Father's energy coming from her and her visit has inspired me to become a lot more active here in Ireland.

At present I am trying to contact people in the churches. There are so many churches in here Dublin both Catholic and Protestant, so I pray that some of the people will respond to the Completed Testament and become members of this great universal family.

It is so inspiring to hear how our family is working to hear how our family is working so hard in other pans of the world. If everyone works 100% the whole world will soon be restored to our heavenly Father.

Please give my love to Father, Mother and the children, Mrs. Choi, and all Korean brothers and sisters.

In the name of our True Parents,
Patricia Hardman 

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