The Words of the Hartley Family

Bringing the Completed Testament to Ireland

Patricia Hardman [Hartley]
April 10, 1970
Dublin, Ireland

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu

It is wonderful to be doing the Father's work here in Ireland. On 31st March I left England. Doris [Orme], Dennis [Orme] and a few the English Family saw me off at Euston Station. I felt a little like a bird when it is pushed out of its nest and has to fly on its own.

I experienced all kinds of feelings during the journey. The feeling of excitement to be going somewhere new, where the Completed Testament had never been; the feeling of determination to find Father's Irish children and to be a good mother to them; the feeling of urgency to restore this country quickly. Along with these feelings was also the fear and anxiety, but Father had already begun to work and I found myself travelling with a girl whose home town is Dublin.

On 1st April I arrived in Dublin and for the first few nights I stayed at the Young Women's Christian Association. From there Father led me to a job and on Tuesday evening to an apartment. It is wonderful to have a place where Father can rest and where His children will be able to hear His Word.

During the day I work in a large insurance office where there are over 300 girls working as typist or clerks. Already Father has given me the opportunity to speak to a few of them. In the evening 3 or 4 times a week I work in a shop, which enables me to get to know the Irish people as well as helping to make ends meet financially.

Already I feel a sense of belonging to this country and I pray that I will be able to stay here a good long while to lay a foundation of restoration among the Irish people.

Greeting to Korea from Ireland.

Monsei for our True Parents.

In Their Name
Patricia Hardman 

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