The Words of the Hartley Family

The Dae Mo Nim Experience - Another Testimony

Eddy Hartley
January 20, 2007

Dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to express what I experienced with Hoon Mo Nim / Dae Mo Nim (HMN/DMN) when she/they came to the United Kingdom in early December. Like many others, I am sure, my initial reaction to the ĎForgiveness Ceremonyí was: Do I need this? My behavior has not been perfect but I have not made any huge mistakes -Ė Can I afford it?! However, I soon realized the incredible value of this Grace Ceremony and what a gift it was that was being given to us by TP and HMN/ DMN.

We Westerners sometimes get caught up on simple phrasing. For example, the initial translation of the guidance on the event was entitled ĎThe Forgiveness Ceremony which every Blessed Family must go toí. Some people surely reacted by saying "who is telling me what I must be doing? I will decide myself what I do". I am sure that this was a poor translation and what was really meant was "It is very strongly recommended every Blessed Family attend the Forgiveness Ceremony". It is the second version which fits to the HMN/DMN I met in early December. Our family all decided to go in the end and are very happy we did!

Hoon Mo Nimís flight from Geneva was delayed by 2 hours because of bad weather. But when our honored guests finally arrived and what a beautiful spirit they brought with them, despite a lengthy and difficult journey. Then unfortunately it took over 3 hours to get to our destination, a journey which should normally have taken a little over hour. I was in the lead car with Derrick Davis and Tim Read. As we talked together we discovered that we all had two major questions we would like to have answered about Absolutely Good Spirits.

How is it that we in the physical world change so very slowly but really sinful ancestors can be made into Absolutely Good Spirits in the space of just 100 days? The Principle states that we need a physical body to grow spiritually but our liberated ancestors seem to develop so quickly in the Spirit World without one -- isnít that contrary to the Principle?

All of us believe completely in what DMN is doing but simply did not understand; we Westerners like our logical explanations! We hoped there would be a chance to get answers to these questions.

As mentioned, we arrived at the house very late and soon afterwards sat down to dinner together. Mr. Lee was always smiling and Hoon Mo Nim was radiant -- a truly beautiful lady. Then came the chance to ask questions.

Question: How is it that sinful ancestors become Absolutely Good Spirits within 100 days?

HMN/DMNís answer: People on earth have two major handicaps when it comes to growing spiritually. Firstly, they are distracted by all of the activities of daily life and secondly, they cannot see spiritually and therefore cannot see where they are, where they could be and the consequences of certain actions, whether positive or negative. They realize just 5% (or was it 0.5%) about their spiritual situation.

People in the Spirit World on HJN/DMNís 100-day workshops have nothing else to do but change! They are shown very clearly when they arrive in a higher realm where they are spiritually at the moment, but also where they could be if they change. They are shown how to change. They can see the results of their efforts everyday in terms of where they would go right now if they left the workshop but also where they can develop to further from where they are. They are highly motivated to change and are not distracted by the things we are distracted by on earth. They invest strongly into changing themselves because they can immediately sense the change in themselves.

Also, time is different in the Spirit World -- 100 earth days there are not experienced as 100 days -- they may seem more like 10 years! So our ancestors can become Absolute Good Spirits through totally investing themselves and they also have time enough to do it!

This all made absolutely perfect sense! I was personally totally satisfied with that explanation!

Question 2: We need a physical body to grow -- how do our ancestors become Absolutely Good Spirits just staying at a workshop in the Spirit World?

HMN/DMNís answer: DP is absolutely correct -- there is no contravention of DP happening here. Our ancestors are only there because we liberated them, and also because we made conditions for them (bows). We are told how many bows to do and this has been worked out to be sufficient from the Physical World side to provide the vitality elements our ancestors need to receive to grow. We are also told that HMN/DMN has to offer that indemnity if we donít and we can see why! Also the conditions of prayers and support we offer while our ancestors are at the workshop -- the 100 days -- provide the elements our ancestors need. Thus their development into Absolutely Good Spirits is a true cooperation between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds!

This helped me understand so much better the meaning of the conditions we are asked to make for liberated ancestors and those to be liberated. Now it all makes absolute sense to me.

While all of the explanations were being given, another phenomenon was happening within me -- I felt myself relating to HMN/DMN not as a serving, objective staff member doing his job to properly provide for a high level dignitary, but as the younger brother of a very lovely elder sister! This lady is my deeply respected, very advanced but still reachable, incredibly loving and beautiful elder sister! I suddenly found myself in a deeply familial situation, feeling protective towards this amazing woman who is totally living for the sake of others, including myself, my family, ancestors and descendants. True Parentsí representative was right there pouring out the purest heart of motherly and sisterly love. I often do feel a similar kind of heart from President and Mrs. Song as well. I also felt that the Koreans at Livingstone House (in the spirit of the True Parents spirit) were really taking care of us, really fulfilling their role to serve and support the part of the world we were in!

As if these explanations were not enough we also received more on another occasion. The question came up: What is true Chung Seong (sincere devotion)? Is it doing HDH, praying, fasting and other conditions?

Answer: Yes, it is also that, but HMN/DMN stressed other things which are even more important which are:

How we relate in a heavenly way with each other
How we serve and support True Parentís representatives
How much we can come to think and act like True Parents

This is real Chung Seong!

This true brotherly feeling towards HMN/DMN continued throughout the whole time she was in the UK: at the event in a side room leading into the main hall, just being there with her with Mrs. Song attending, just making myself available for any small request. I really witnessed HMN/ DMN as a totally selfless person on and off stage -- she does not stand on ceremony or demand a certain level of service from members around her -- she just serves God and True Parents with radiant love and absolute serenity and sincerity. This is the standard brothers and sisters! HMN/DMN may see many, many non-ideal things but she never judges -- on the contrary she embraces! Everything worked out well with the event, the driving, the accommodation for our most honored guests.

At the airport on the day of departure the lines were long to go through to Ďairsideí, so the party leaving had a coffee and we brothers kept their position in the queue. As we were just a few minutes away from the X-ray area I went to the coffee shop to inform the party, "Please come soon". HMN/DMN was peeling a satsuma and handed me half of it. I felt she was saying "Thank you" (to all of us) but also "Please remember this moment", "Please share these things of the heart with brothers and sisters", "Please continue to build Cheon Il Guk", "Please become a person with this level of heart", and many other such things. And so the party left and we did too.

Dearest brothers and sisters, I studied about the Spirit World before I joined our Movement and have learned a lot more about it since over the past 33 years since joining. I learned years ago about beautiful mother spirits in the higher realms with amazingly loving and pure faces, about the joy and laughter which abounds in the higher realms. All of this we can find with HMN/DMN and her team. She is so close to our True Parents and is absolutely embodying Godís true love. Please believe in HMN/DMN, in every word she says -- they are absolutely true!

Please trust in her, she is truly God-centered. Please cooperate with her and if you have not yet gone to the ceremony yet, please go. Please do not let something or someone tell you that it is just a fundraising exercise, or totally unnecessary. This is absolutely not true. Please do not miss this gift from our True Parents made possible through HMN/DMNís love and intervention.

Do not come this far and then stop. It is so important that your whole lineage receive the benefits of this grace and the current merit of the age.

The price we have to pay is so small -- just our 3%! Whatever your hopes are for your family, whatever you desire in your deepest being can be achieved by connecting to and believing in True Parents and HMN/ DMN and our Continental leadership. They are the ones who are helping us to serve God and receive grace. Please never doubt their devotion to also facilitate your happiness too. The Cheon Il Guk is a beautiful place -- we can build it, within ourselves and externally. I have tasted it; it is real. Take one step forward by yourself and you will be carried forward 10 steps.

How good it is to be a Central Blessed Family! This experience changed me. This is what this world needs!

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