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UPF Bristol Celebrate Gandhi’s Birthday

Tomoko Harris
October 2, 2009

It has become our tradition to celebrate Gandhi’s birthday every year. The 3rd year celebration was organized mainly by Dr Krishna, one of our ambassadors for peace, sponsored by UPF Bristol. Dr Krishna was very happy to organize the event when we invited him to, as he thoroughly enjoyed organizing Father and Mothers Moon's birthday earlier this year.

As he was very enthusiastic, in preparation of the day, he announced the date and location of the event everyday at the Hindu temple. We had a wonderful time with more than 50 guests and ITV (local news TV station) came to film us. It was featured on TV the next day.

Edward Stacy gave a presentation of UPF. After that some people became very interested to become an ambassador for peace.

We hope many guests from this event will come to our main UPF showcase coming soon on 24th October. 

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