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HDH from April 13th: Liberation Testimony from Mel Haft

Mel Haft
April 18, 2004

Dear Rev. Brother Michael Jenkins,

Thank you for the notes of True Fathers words for April 13th, the day of the liberation ceremony of the sins of the Angelic world, Cain-Abel world and the false parents of history. I was present and also took notes( I could perhaps add to your notes if needed).

I would like to share a personal testimony of liberation at that ceremony.

As True Parents concluded their prayer of liberation Father turned around and placed his hand on my chest over my heart(there was simultaneous translation at the time) and said that this was for the liberation of the angelic world and then removed his hand. Then again, for a second time he placed his hand firmly on my chest and said this is for the liberation of the Cain-Abel sins{especially between nations}. And then a third time Father placed his hand on my chest, over my heart and said this is for the liberation of the false parents of history.

This is not only an incredible blessing but a liberation of a painful heart.

For many years Dr. Yang has cautioned me about going to Chung Pyung because of a chronic breathing problem and suggested I wait until the hospital is completed( I was also born with a critical heart defect that needed surgery and I would often have painful spasms). Every three years I would be re-examined by federal disability doctors and private doctors who would claim that my breathing condition was so critical that I should be permanently hospitalized. I could never accept this idea because I realized through Dr. S.H. Lee and Principle that my critical breathing problem is not only a physical problem but also emotionally and spiritually based. This is not the place to begin to describe my parents situation at the time of my conception and birth but I have come to be conscious of the impact of the quality of parents love have on the wellbeing of children, even before their birth.

It was then at age 16-18 that I traveled the world by working my way by ship. I experienced the suffering of the world's people wherever we docked. I would shed many tears through the night while sitting on deck, thinking about God and the pain He must feel over His children's suffering and how unaware people were of His pain. My breathing became more and more difficult. At age 17 while travelling abroad by ship I was involved in a near death motorcycle accident in which I experienced the reality of the spiritual world. Every prayer with God from that time on was filled with more tears of sorrow for humankind and the spiritual world that was living in hell. Prayers for peace in the world would become a daily request. Often my body would be filled with intense heat, even on the coldest or hottest of days...I would always seem to need cool air in order to breath. The spirit world always felt close by.

While growing older I became aware of Satan and his attacks on my life; a stroke, a heart attack, frequent asthma attacks and often experiencing unexpected violent choking, even on my own saliva, cutting off my air supply. Many times I would be rescued from these attacks by security guards, my wife or just people on the street with CPR or Heimmelich training (God always seemed as close as Satan). My life has often been dependent on medications and breathing machines at my bedside or portable breathing machines while traveling. It became a way of life.

On April 13, 2004 things changed. The years of pain and sorrow was liberated from my heart and breathing became so light and airy. I realized that since being a young boy I had been carrying the heavy weight of sorrow of my mother, the spiritual and angelic world and of God too. After the laying of hands by True Father on my chest I could breath freely! On the drive back down to Washington DC a Japanese sister reached for my shoulders and began to massage while I drove. I became overwhelmed with tears as I began to be healed too by Mother's love. I cannot begin to describe how enveloped I felt by God's love on this day. I could experience that God has a physical body that is being healed through the miraculous foundation of True Parents life-long conditions leading to the substantial healing of all of humankind. All had been released and liberated and the angelic realm was now free. I believe I am free too.

With sincere gratitude to our Beloved Cosmic Heavenly Parents and True Parents of All of Humankind and to all brothers and sisters, brother Mel Haft

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