The Words of the Groenedyk Family

True Father's Son - My Experience At The 4th STF Assembly

Sarah Groenendyk
August 6, 2006

Thank you Heavenly Father, True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim for the past week’s experience of a lifetime at the 4th International Assembly in Japan! This Assembly has been everything I expected it to be and way more.

Through the assembly I was truly able to make an amazing start to my 2nd Year; because the event hit the most important point of what all THIS is about, this work we are doing in our movement. The answer is of course Building Cheon Il Guk. That’s what everything comes down to.

The experience of witnessing was a real challenge – having to overcome the barriers of language and culture to be able to work in my team and reach out to the people on the street. Even though it was difficult to communicate we all united very much in heart, and just wanted to support each other and fight together as a family, for the realization of God’s Dream.

And then when Hyun Jin Nim spoke to us, he expressed in just a few words everything I had been started to feel…" We are all one family under God." That was truly what the essence of what this Assembly was about.

Before seeing Hyun Jin Nim, I was really thinking about how I view him, and the position he is in. I realized that even though I love him so much as my elder brother, I couldn’t really see him taking the position of Father, giving the same kind of love as True Father. But he completely proved me wrong today! As I listened and watched Hyun Jin Nim, and when he looked directly at me with sparkling eyes, I felt so much of Father’s heart and spirit, and most importantly, love. I can see him now more than ever as True Father’s son, and it elated me.

Hyun Jin Nim oppa has given me so much hope, as did his whole family, and the STF family. This Assembly has been life changing…

Thank you and God bless!

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