The Words of the Grande Family

Seung Hwa Ceremony For A 2nd Generation Brother In Italy, Steven Grande

January 2006

On January 1st an Italian 21 year old 2nd gen. brother, Steven Grande, died while he was working in a tourist village in Egypt.

He and his family are quite well known in the small town near Bergamo where they live, and expecting that all the town would have taken part in the Seung Hwa ceremony, the mayor gave the town's covered basket ball field for it. A local newspaper was present at the ceremony, and published 2 full pages about it, and about Father and the Family Federation. What surprised the journalists was the serenity of the people taking part in the Seung Hwa, his parents (Mario and Edda), brother (Terence) and sister (Melanie) included.

They also put a short film about the ceremony on their internet site, which can be downloaded here:

We are praying for his peaceful ascension.


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