The Words of the Grande Family

Passing Of Our Dear Italian Second Generation Brother Steven Grande

Geros Kunkel
January 2006

Dear Blessed members,

We would like to inform you of the passing of our dear Italian Second Generation Brother Steven Grande.

Steven was born in Germany 10. 5. 1984 (same year that Heung Jin Nim died), his parents Mario and Edda Grande were doing mission there at that time. He has an older brother Terence (22) and a younger sister Melanie (16)

He died in Egypt on the 1. 1. 2006 at 7.00 local time 6.00cet. He was 21years old.

He was working in Sharm El Sheik in an Italian Hotel. That morning he was guiding some tourists in the desert for an excursion with Quads (motorbikes with 4 wheels). He was last in the line of 121 Quads together with another co-worker. They were crossing the road and a truck that didn't stop hit him and killed them on the impact. The driver was drunk.

For those that knew him, he was a happy person, with a joyful nature.

His Seung-Hwa Ceremony will be held in Bergamo in the city hall on the 6. 1. 2006.

Let us all pray for Steven and his ascension. Let us all keep him in our hearts as our own brother or son.

Geros Kunkel

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