The Words of the Gorecki Family

Tribal Messiahship and Community Outreach - Good Practice Testimonies

Tomasz Gorecki
February 24, 2006

I'm Tomasz Gorecki from Poland. I met the church 1989, 30000 couple. During '90 to '95 I lived almost only for fundraising in Polish church and in German CARP.

Living with the family since 1995. Wife is Japanese, and now the son is 9 years old. My first job in family life, was selling insurance. Depends on the rate of my result, I received the income. Because of the God's blessing as at the fund raising in the church, in the company I was the top seller. Later I changed the company, and sold windows. Again I was the top seller in the new company. After some period I stopped to do it, and I opened a canteen at a dock. It went well, though I felt it's not the thing I should do. Felt there is another job that was prepared by God. So after several months I closed the canteen, and started to sell an Italian bath product in some company. The best seller in the company had a record to sell 14 of the products at once, but I made a new record to sell 30 products at once.

It never could happen without God guidance. One day when I was selling it as usual, I visited a doctor and I was told by her if I want to make a business with her husband who extracts collagen from fish.

When people were having problem to buy collagen because of mad cow disease, It was really precious news though I didn't know anything about in the field of cosmetics. Now I have a production company of the collagen, and cosmetics with the collagen. At my fabric 7 people, in the office 18 people are working, and 15 to 20,000 people are selling the product.

Iíve been selling in Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and now it's on the way to sell in Korea.

My first customer in abroad was our brother Philippe Jaques from Belgium. I didn't know about business almost anything, but God grew the company. By this, our way of witnessing activities are getting richer and richer. I feel that I was climbing the ladder to receive this business

Now Iím on the way to start another business. Itís a hotel at a beach in a very small tourist town. Already I got a project of the hotel. And Iím keeping the 2 boats that were given by True Father to Poland. The boat was destroyed a lot because of difficult history so on, though now it's repaired professionally. The boats will belong to the future's hotel. In the hotel will be a swimming pool, gym, 300 m2 of gymnasium for martial arts, 2 sauna, and Jacuzzi.

I will have 3 exclusive apartments, 20 of twin rooms, and nice lecture room. The reason Iíve got the idea to build the hotel is because I think of 2nd generationís education. I'd like to use the place for their workshops, meetings etc. I'll make the business by renting the rooms for sports clubs, police, and many other groups. In Poland there is not much this type of hotel, so people are waiting for me to build it.

Hopefully in the end of next year the hotel will be ready. 

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