The Words of the Gonzales Family

The Heart of Filial Piety

Cristobal Gonzales
December 5, 2005

Before the prayer walk on our workshop site in São Paulo, which was part of our STF workshop, we heard Shin Won Nimís moving testimony which he gave to members during the STF Assembly 2005 in Korea. When I began the prayer walk, it was first difficult for me to focus. It was also my first time participating in the prayer walk. In the evening, to the light of torches and singing Holy Songs, all Latin American STF members walked through the forest up to the sports ground. Walking up there I was digesting everything that happened to me during my life on STF. When we reached the sports ground, where we joined in unison prayer, I had a deep experience. I could not start praying, no words came over my lips. I spent some minutes, trying to find some words, but I could not utter any sound. It was as if my mouth could not open. Then, slowly and full of confidence I said: "Father!" and started to cry. For the first time in my life, I said this word in the most sincere way. I never felt so deeply that God was my Father!

After a while I repeated: "Father!" and my tears were bursting out. God was very real for me during this moment! I repeated again: "Father!" and then I told God: "Please, donít worry!" three times. During this prayer I re-determined myself, to never leave my Heavenly Father. I prayed over what I reflected, walking up to the sports ground and I felt great responsibility about what Shin Won Nim shared with us, especially about testifying about Hyun Jin Nim. I could connect to Shin Won Nimís heart and felt my responsibility to live a life that can testify about Hyun Jin Nim. I told God, that I do not know, what I will be doing in the future, but in this moment I determined to walk together with my elder brother Shin Won Nim, so that on the day, when Hyun Jin Nim has to stand before God, True Parents, humankind and spiritual world, I will be able to testify about Hyun Jin Nim - not just with words, but through what I became, what I did for God!

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