The Words of the Gasperoni Family

Day of Families Observed at a Forum in San Marino

Giorgio Gasperoni
May 12, 2012

San Marino -- An International Day of Families program was organized by UPF-San Marino on May 12 in partnership with the San Marino Cultural Academy Le Tre Castella and the University for Peace headquartered in Ancona, Italy.

Speakers included Prof. Fausta Morganti, former Head of State and Minister of Education for 15 years in San Marino. She attended the European Leadership Conferences last October in Malta and last April at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and gave a report about those two conferences.

The president of the Le Tre Castella Academy, Cav. Renato Piccioni, gave a profound talk about the meaning of the Day of Families, and the representative of the University for Peace gave a presentation about the activities of his organization.

Two new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed. One of them is a writer and a journalist of San Marino State TV, Giuseppe Marzi. Recently he wrote a book, Il viale delle Rose, reporting for the first time the story of how San Marino saved the lives of more than 1000 Jews in 1944, hiding them in their tiny, neutral enclave in Italy of 61 square kilometers, risking the possibility of being wiped out by the Nazis if they had suspected it. The population of San Marino (15,000 at that time) offered asylum to around 100,000 Italians and gave San Marino documents to some those people. The book includes many vivid and moving testimonies.

The event concluded with a presentation by Giorgio Gasperoni, President of UPF-San Marino, about the family and ways to support and strengthen it. 

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