The Words of the Gasperoni Family

Italian Blessing Workshop Report

Daniela Gasperoni
November 7, 2007

The meeting was held in San Marino. 22 Second Generation and 8 parents came.

The Blessing is one of the main topics of our movement, so I felt from the beginning that this workshop was different from others.

Geros Kunkel, Giorgio Gasperoni and Christine Bianchini gave the main lectures.

The first evening Geros gave his blessing testimony and talked about how to prepare internally and how important our relationship to God is. The next morning it was explained about the concept of purity, commitment, public life and matching. In the afternoon there was time for group discussions where everyone could ask questions to clarify their doubts.

I felt it was a good way to strengthen the relationship between second and first generations. Many participants are afraid of the blessing and it is really good to talk about these topics with first generation who already went through this process and some elder second generation.

In the afternoon we had lectures on the Lineage and the internal meaning of the Fall. Some people expressed that they could understand the importance of the Blessing from Godís viewpoint.

The first evening Yasoki and Daniela shared their testimonies and showed some blessing pictures. The participants could relate well to people on their own age.

The next day we went in more details how the blessing came about in history and the restoration of love lost during the fall.

After each session we had time for discussion in groups and once we divided in brothers and sisters and parents. The brothers talked with Yasoki and the sisters with Daniela.

In the evening we had a family evening, where everyone could show their talent in singing, acting and dancing. I can say it was a really entertaining evening full of joy and good spirit. We concluded with a nice prayer all together.

The next day we heard a lecture on how to create loving relationships and about the wrong concepts of love. We concluded the workshop with a self reflection led by Christine Bianchini who let us think where we have to improve in our life.

The workshop finished and people were really sad to leave the good atmosphere.

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