The Words of the Gaina Family

Report From 100-City Inaugural Tour - 46th City, Bucharest, Romania

Dan Gaina
October 25, 2005

Photo - Mrs. Song with True Parents

We were about 50 people when True Parents arrived in the HDH room, including 21 Peace Ambassadors. It was an intimate atmosphere since in the previous day we had a great victory. We had only 8 Romanians who did help for organizing the event, 4 of them arrived only in the last 2-3 days, (all the other staff member were from other countries) and so it was even a greater victory. To mobilize over 500 in 3 weeks, among them 40 VIPs and other 60 important people in society, facing Romanian-speaking staff shortage, it meant a very good cooperation with the spiritual world. So in the moment True Parents arrived we had confidence and we could be completely grateful and honored that our country received such a blessing.

Feeling the atmosphere, True Father just started to speak freely and he gave almost 2 and half hour speech. Peter Kim was reading for a few minutes a speech from '74 but Father stopped him and spoke mostly in English.

He addressed mostly issues about the Peace Ambassadors and UPF but asked questions to both members and Ambassadors. He felt very free and told us how much work behind the scene he is doing to make the 6 country Peace talks regarding North Korea a success. He remembered how in the time off Gorbachev he mobilized the elite students to the streets to stop the bloodshed. Everybody noticed that Father is the one who knows what he speaks about when he mentioned that even CIA did not interfere in the crises. He made very clearly but in a parental way that he has a great power, to the level of changing country presidents, but not by force, but by True Love.

Father expressed his utmost conviction that a 21-day education on national level will completely revolutionize any country in the world. So we received the clear goal to make 12.000 Peace Ambassadors and also to act like one country and not like separated, different and individualistic 35 countries.

Everybody was impressed by Father. In the day he arrived he said actually about himself that as Gen. McArthur mentioned: "Great fighters never die they fade away".

In the end we were picked by Father to sing and actually the main coordinator of Peace Ambassadors was called in front. He is a man of great weight and looks a bit like Pavarotti and without hesitation started to sing a Romanian song. Others were called to sing as well in the following order, Pres. Song, Rev. Peter Kim, Rev. Kwak, True Mother and then True Parents sang. The best moment was when Shin Joon Moon was dancing on the stage and played pick-a-boo with True Father.

The departure was quick and smooth, no traffic and also with a lot of support from the airport authorities.

We would like to thank to all brothers and sisters from various nations who made the HDH possible, with their number, prayers and warm heart. On the top of this we would like to offer our gratitude to France and England who send volunteers in time who became staff and made the whole event possible.

Last but not the least we would like to offer our gratitude to the whole spirit world who did their best to make all arrangements that coming of True Parents to be a happy victorious event.

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