The Words of the X Family

Reflection On Mother's Tour

Melissa Frisk
June 14, 2006

Overall these few days have been unforgettable days of my life (attending Bridgeport, New York and Miami events). Going to Mothers’ speech I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't have such a personal or deep relationship with True Mother or Hyun Jin Nim, to see them together was a great blessing – what moved me was seeing the Parent Child Relationship in action. We read about it, talk about it, teach about it, and hear about it but seeing it is something amazing. For me it was like understanding it in a whole new way. I think that was my main experience - seeing the example, what it will be like, it was so moving.

Our first day was in Bridgeport, it was the first time for me to see Hyun Jin Nim in person. It was great. It really looked like Hyun Jin Nim was there, taking on his Father’s mission; he seems so strong and prepared for whatever may come. He is truly an example of a filial child, someone I can learn from. True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim were of such great support to each other. When I saw them together it was so beautiful. I found myself just watching them and smiling.

I was impressed and felt great hope seeing Hyun Jin Nim taking the steps to really make Father’s dream his own dream; this was one of the most exciting things to see, he just seemed to get so inspired by the vision as he was reading the speech! "What a Vision! What a Dream!" I just thought to myself this is the example that I want to inherit from, an example of true Filial Piety towards Parents, responsibly taking on their burden.

Another experience of a lifetime was attending Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden, the morning of the New Jersey speech. During Hoon Dok Hae I was able to catch on to a small piece of Father’s boundless Heart. A couple times Father said ‘time is running out’… and seeing Father getting older and older I strongly felt that I have to do something. I can’t wait any longer; I felt frustration, exhaustion and also love from Father. I felt I really wanted to develop a desperate heart. Make Father’s dream my own - building the Kingdom of heaven on earth. That sounds so huge though. I had to bring it to where I myself could practice it. What a perfect opportunity through STF to do something on the front line to support True Parents. The rest of my time on the frontline I always want to remember that I am important in playing a role in building this Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

True Parents need me to help. So I thought since my mission right now is fundraising, I have to think that ‘it all begins with me’; if I can reach out to these people and love them, making the first step of building Cheon Il Guk.

Finally in Miami Florida, we were given the opportunity to offer a song for True Mother, Hyun Jin Nim, and Jun-sook Nim. We had been practicing this Holy song for hours and hours, and it was in Korean. I don't know Korean at all but with our team unity it really turned out beautiful. It was well worth the hours of practice, working on offering something beautiful for True Parents. I felt so much love when we sang to them. It was truly the feeling of being part of The Family. I felt they were so proud of us.

Now we have to go out and make them even more proud by going out to reach out to the people, connect them to God and True Parents, and help realize this world of peace.

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