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Report on Meeting with Jin Man Kwak on June 20, 2012

Randall Francis
June 26, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters of District One,

Last week Jin Man Kwak held a series of meetings, in order to, as he said "break his silence." Even though, as Kenn Bates tried to state in his recent memo, "the meetings demonstrated to those who attended that Jin Man has not changed and has not "left True Parents". When asked why he has not gone to meet True Parents or worked to help Hyun Jin Nim meet True Parents, Jin Man had no answer. He could just claim that they are planning it.

Contrary to Kenn Bates' assertion, there is no campaign against Hyun Jin Nim. I know True Parents do not want Blessed Families used in a way to empower the continued disobedience to their directions. Therefore, we asked members not to attend and I thank you for all your supportive response to that request. In all there were less than 50 people there, with the majority connected to UCI and GPFF. I had invited a few of our local leaders and there were about 10 other observers.

In my opinion the meeting was a very pitiful and painful event. I heard the written questions read were very similar in each location almost feeling canned or planned. Recurrent phrases in the talk and in the Q and A were: "the honor of True Parents" and "the legacy of True Parents," although these phrased were not defined or illustrated with examples. They did not accept any questions about the selling of foundational properties in the Washington area. At the same time he said "But now our movement is in paralysis because of our own leaders." When asked about Lovin' Life Ministries, and what In Jin Nim has been doing to transform STF to the very popular GPA, he just said, "I don't know much about it." I don't think they are really looking at what is happening in Korea, Japan, America and the world. They seem stuck in their own paranoid world. That is the real paralysis which I see.

Jin Man characterized the separation of Hyun Jin Nim from True Parents as "the situation" or "crisis." He also seemed to accuse the church leadership as being like the communist he had encountered on campuses. In the event here he never mentioned any pains or wrongs that may have been done to True Parents by the Kwaks or others. He only maintained that his father was a great man of deep heavenly tradition that has been passed on to his family.

Those traditions are probably very real, but the number one tradition should be attendance. I remember many of those lectures from Rev. Kwak showing the graph of three stages of growth leading up to receiving and accepting the Messiah and entering the completed stage gaining a direct connection to the Messiah. Where did that vision go? From what I can see none of the Kwak group have any understanding of True Parents directions in the last few years. They have stepped away from that direct connection with the Messiah. Imagine the activities of the last few years and what True Parents have been sharing. How can they say they are concerned about True Parents' legacy without knowing personally what True Parents want them to do. Do they just disregard absolute faith, love and obedience.

Please encourage any member working for those organizations taken from True Parents to seriously consider ways to help bring them back to True Parents leadership. There is some hopeful precedence, as someone at the Jin Man event reminded me, back in July 2010, I stated that I was worried that True Parents may not be able to go out fishing on their boats on the Hudson, but Mr. Kamiyama repented and agreed to follow True Parents and that worry was averted and Mr. Kamiyama has been actively educating on the ocean providence for True Parents in Yeosu since then.

I believe the True Family really wants Hyun Jin Nim to listen to his Father and to follow His directions. If he could do that then this will bring great joy and end this "crisis" as Jin Man puts it. I want to see him standing by True Parents side in photos and substantially. I would like True Parents to meet their great grandchild soon. I hope Jin Man and Kenn Bates can help make that happen.

Very Sincerely,

Randall Francis
Washington, DC 

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