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Direction Regarding OSDP Education In USA

Randy Francis
October 9, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, September 12, 2011

Dear District One Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your prayer support of the rally with our True Parents in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 5th!

The rally was a kickoff for the education of 3,000 American clergy centered on the 172 clergy who participated in the Korea program. True Parents have now given firm direction that this OSDP Education, the Original Substance of the Divine Principle, must be fulfilled as soon as possible. It is clear that this is a critical condition for America and the future of God's Providence.

Before departing for Korea yesterday, True Parents assigned a team of Korean leaders in Las Vegas to support the education development, including Dr. Yang and Rev. Sun Jo Hwang. Also, Rev. Cotter and Rev. Jenkins have been assigned as directors of the educational program. Participants will include Ambassadors for Peace and WFWP contacts as well as clergy. Management will be directed by a national team of HSA, ACLC, UPF and WFWP leaders, with support through their nationwide organizations. District Pastors will coordinate District results. All development will be centered on the approval of Rev. In Jin Moon.

The initial plan is a 40-day condition beginning Friday, October 14 and ending Tuesday, November 22. The education program should be completed within that period.

The first OSDP workshop is now scheduled in New Jersey for Sunday, October 16 (opening session at 7:00 PM) through Friday, October 21 (graduation that evening). The attendance goal is 500, drawing from the 172 clergy and their 12 associates (plus Ambassadors for Peace and WFWP contacts). The venue location and registration fee will be announced soon.

The second OSDP workshop will be in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel from Friday, October 21 (opening session at 7:00 PM) through Wednesday, October 26 (graduation that evening). The attendance goal is 1,000, drawing from the 172 clergy and their 12 associates (plus Ambassadors for Peace and WFWP contacts) from throughout the western states. More details will be announced soon.

Additional OSDP workshops will be scheduled within the 40 days. Invitation letters from national HQ will be available soon with details about venues, registration fees and method for registration.

Brothers and sisters, the challenges are great for this providence. Therefore, let's utilize the power of prayer and absolute unity to bring this historic offering to our Heavenly Parents and our True Parents during this crucial time in God's Providence.

Sincerely, Rev. R Francis

Unification Church, District one
Lovin' Life Ministries
Mid-Atlantic Area MD ~ DC ~ VA 

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