The Words of the Francis Family

12 Days to Go until Nov. 19th

Randy Francis
November 7, 2007

Dear Family,

Thank you for your incredible investment of heart and effort in mobilizing guests for True Motherís tour event on November 19! We have 12 days until our event in District One!

True Parents have returned to New York. It was a beautiful welcome home celebration at East Garden this morning. Father and Mother were both beaming as they entered the room and cut the cake. Dr. Yang reported about the recent activities in Korea and Hawaii, where True Parents spent 6 days recreating the Garden of Eden on Kona (the big island)

Report coming soon. Then, Father quickly started speaking about the urgency of the Ambassadors for Peace movement in America and for them to understand their mission and to work toward solving the conflicts of the world centered on Godís vision of our world as: One family under God.

During this 12 city tour each AFP and / or Clergy should multiply and bring 5 new appointees. Each day we have been meeting with both our close warm, and new AFP and Clergy. It is exciting to see that they are looking for ways to bring more people to this Peace Festival on their own.

As you know, each time people meet True Family they feel a deeper connection. I have been experiencing first hand that new and old AFP are saying things like "This is what I have been waiting to do, this gives me hope in creating peace in my life time. No other organization has given me this hope". Also, when one new appointee saw the 5 AFP principles presentation he said, "This is what I had been thinking about 20 years ago". He is Ethiopian and had even recorded a famous song about peace that all his countrymen know.

I hope that you can make the time to call and visit your friends. It is good to go out this week and talk with them in person if possible. Itís good to go as a group of 3-4 it creates a great energy of give and take.

Please donít hesitate. Now is the time to "Ride The Spiritual Wave" This kind of celebration event will go so far in deepening relationships, networking and education about our international and local activities and plans.

Please let me know how I can help you in any way.

Letís bring a great victory for True Parents in America, Washington, DC and in our Families!


Rev. Randy Francis

Please focus on these points in your outreach efforts:

1. Ambassadors for Peace. Between our BCFs and contacts we are asked to appoint 300 Ambassadors for Peace through this event. Please ask your contact pastors and AFP to select five (5) AFP candidates in their church or organization. We can provide them background information and an AFP Application Form. We should then receive the completed forms and we will prepare AFP Certificates in folders to be presented at the event. During the program, the 300 new AFPís will be asked to stand. Reply to this email with all applications. Resource site:

2. Youth Ambassadors for Peace. This is a new program for youth 14 to 25 years old. Please also ask your contacts to select youth to be appointed. We will provide them background information and a Youth AFP Application Form. We should then receive the completed forms and we will prepare Youth AFP Certificates in folders to be presented at the event. During the program, the new Youth AFPís will be asked to stand.

3. "Legacy Recognition". (Send recommended names) Second and third-generation members of pastor or AFP families who are following their parent(s)í calling or profession will be recognized during the program before Hyun Jin Nimís message as a tribute to their continuation of their parent(s)í legacy. Please ask your contact pastors to bring their qualified family members or members of their Ministersí families to receive this historic recognition!

4. Mobilize Bus Loads! Have Bible Study on a Bus! Encourage pastors and church members to reach out to their friends to attend the event. This is a good chance for them to reach new contacts who can then attend their church services. Free sandwiches and drink will be provided on the bus! Let our office know if a pastor would like a bus at their church.

The event will be a glorious Interfaith program with music and dance from around the world..

The next few days are the most critical in our mobilization -- donít wait until Sunday to mobilize! Visit churches tonight and tomorrow night. Call your pastors and church contacts right away! Aggressively plants seeds now! You can then continue the follow-up this weekend.

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