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21 Day Prayer and PDF Version of Invitation Letter

Randy Francis
October 30, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Attached is a PDF version of the invitation letter that was sent out. This style preserves the formatting better.

21 Day Prayer Condition for District One

From Today Oct 30th to Nov. 19th (you can continue until the tour concludes Nov. 21. in NY)

Please pray with your family for True Parentsí upcoming 12-City Speaking Tour (and True Family Values Ministry Awards Celebration in Chicago), centered on the following points:

1. Victorious fulfillment of Heavenís purpose for this tour

2. Blessing and protection for True Father, True Mother, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim on the tour

3. Unity in heart, mind and action of all brothers and sisters in mobilizing Godís prepared people to receive True Parents through this tour -- overflowing attendance.

4. Ownership and action of Ambassadors for Peace, clergy and others in assisting mobilization and preparation for all tour events

5. Blessing for America through its victorious offering as the Elder Son Nation and representative of the world in this tour

6. Profound joy and hope for Heavenly Father and True Parents through the victorious results of this tour

Let's bring a great victory On Nov. 19th.

R Francis

True Parents 12 City Tour

Approved Schedule - Final
"One Family Under God" - A Summit for Peace November 11 - 21 V 3 - Begin in LA

Date True Parents

Saturday, November 10 True Children's Day
Sunday, November 11 1 -- Los Angeles
Monday, November 12 2 -- San Francisco
Tuesday, November 13 3 -- Seattle
Wednesday, November 14 4 -- Chicago updated on 10/27
Thursday, November 15 5 -- Minneapolis updated on 10/27
Friday, November 16 6 -- Dallas
Saturday, November 17 7 -- Columbus
Sunday, November 18 8 -- Atlanta
Monday, November 19 9 -- Washington D.C.
Tuesday, November 20 10 -- Boston
Wednesday, November 21 11 -- New Jersey - Lunch
Wednesday, November 21 12 -- New York Evening

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