The Words of the Francis Family

ACLC Women in Ministry Conference - Norfolk/Jamestown

Randy and Kumiko Francis
October 18, 2007

Dear District One Community,

We have before us an historic opportunity. The ACLC Women In Ministry have been inspired by the fact that the 400th anniversary of the landing at Jamestown will occur on December 1st and they have established a conference for reconciliation around this theme. Reconciliation between Native Americans and women of European descent. The Native American Leadership Alliance and ACLC Women In Ministry, WFWP and UPF USA are the co sponsors.

This is a great opportunity to attract very high level women - many who feel it is their duty to rectify the past and therefore want to reconcile with Native Americans. It is such a positive program. Jamestown is the place where Pochohontas helped the settlers and set forth the model of cooperation that Father said should have occurred between the white settlers and native Americans. Also, Jamestown is one of the places where the first slaves were brought to America - this will be included in the reconciliation process.

The conference will be held from Nov. 20 to Dec 1st at the Holiday Inn in Norfolk (all the details are in the attached materials) with a special program in Jamestown. A bridge crossing will be held. This is the ERA of WOMEN - therefore women as mother's can heal all the past of this nation.

Thank you to the sisters committed to organize this conference. Let us support this reconciliation conference from all areas of district one.

Randy and Kumiko Francis

Registration Form for American Clergy Leadership Conference Women in Ministry (pdf)

Guidelines for American Clergy Leadership Conference Women In Ministry (pdf)

Invitation letter for American Clergy Leadership Conference Women In Ministry (pdf)

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