The Words of the Francis Family

Entering the Fourth Quarter of 2007

Randy and Kumiko Francis
October 1, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have had a very busy and blessed September. It has really flown by. True Parents were in America since the end of August starting with the Kodiak ILC Conference and then 21 days in NY. I hope that you were able to attend HDH at EG during that time. It is so beautiful to sit as a family together and drink in their love, and to feel their deep and determined concern for our nation to fulfill the elder son's role.

The UPF able type UN Inaugural and the conferences surrounding it were powerful in the education and expansion of the AFP network. Now, as we head into the last quarter of 2007, we have the chance to help with the continued renewal and restoration of our nation starting here within our current hometowns.

As you know, our District is setup into seven major local areas centering on FFWPU.

Starting from the north they are Baltimore, NHFC, DC, KEA in DC, Northern VA, Richmond, and Norfolk. Each of these areas has a pastor and/or a community leadership team. Please take time in prayer to discern where you could help out with new projects, and the current activities that you would like to work with in your community. Some of the areas are listed below.

Within the BCF sphere of life:

1. Family Home Church-Link to reports
2. Local Sunday Worship teams- see your bulletin or contact church board.
3. Youth Ministry - workshop and weekly activity they welcome volunteers and ideas
4. Witnessing/Evangelism teams- National Summit will be held on Oct 12 to 14 in MD
4. Blessed Family Dept. - we need a District coordinator to work with the Nat HQ to help with matching, and Blessing coordination, along with counseling and education of new couples.
5. Finance Committee for district and local levels. There will be a restructuring of the committee to be relevant with our new local system. This will be done in alignment with the National HQ having a fundraising and management focus.
6. Columbia Rd. 30th anniversary of Dedication the week surrounding Dec 4th.
7. A/V and Publication Ministry teams - To help create new resource materials.

Within The Public Sphere:

1. ACLC- Monthly Prayer Breakfasts in all areas
2. AFP- Appointing new AFPs and local forums, On Common Ground 3rd Annual Banquet in Dec.
3. WFWP - contact local reps. WIM/WFWP Conference Nov. 29 to Dec 1st Norfolk, VA.
4. WCARP - Student projects
5. Service for Peace- MLK season of service Jan to April 2008
6. YFWP- Global Peace Festival 2008
7. Garden Harvest International Leadership Training- looking for interns.

As you can see each of these areas are in need of your participation and ideas. You may be working with some of these already. Please try to think how we can expand our good foundation and prepare to offer it to our second generation. If you have a question about any of the areas above you can email me or talk with your local pastors.

Let's make the last quarter of 2007 memorable for Heaven.

God Bless you and your families,

Rev. Randy and Kumiko Francis -BCF

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