The Words of the Francis Family

Come to NY for HDH on 9/11

Randy Francis
September 9, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents have returned to the NY area and are welcoming members each morning at HDH.

This Tuesday 9/11 is Ahn Shi Il. Our district can send 50 people to attend HDH at EG. This will undoubtedly be a meaningful anniversary of the 2001 tragedy.

Western members and 2nd Gen are especially encouraged to attend. In May and June of this year, True Parents were deeply moved by the attendance of representatives from seemingly all the American family members from around the country, at one or more of the HDHs and celebrations, as they celebrated each of the 50 state events.

Please make plans with friends from the community to car pool and attend.

RSVP if you are going so we can notify EG. You can go on other mornings as well, just the room may be smaller.

God Bless you and your families,

R. Francis

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